°Chapter 5° You May Call Me...Sparky

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Disclaimer: I do not under any circumstances own Transformers. I only own my OC, and any plot twists/bunnies that there might be~Hannah


I hope my eyes are deceiving me, but when the lights of the cop car slowly inch forward, all of my questions are answered. I slowly back up, but Sam stays where he is.

"Sam move!" I hiss. He doesn't move, just sits there frozen. I stare as the weird lights seem to exam Sam's face.

"What do you want from me!?" Sam screams. Dear lord help this boy.

That fear filled question seemed to catch the car's attention, because within a matter of seconds the lights go back into the car, but the sounds that are coming from it is what scares me the most. We stare as we hear rumbling, clicks, and turns as the police car..transforms.

"Holy mother of gravy." I whisper in shock. As it finishes its transformation it lets lose a loud guttural growl.

"Oh God no! No!" Sam screams as its demon red eyes land on us. I on the other hand just stare at it. For some odd reason images of the past float in front of my eyes, but I shake it off as Sam grabs my arm, dragging me with him as we run.

Okay so let me get this strait people. First I get bitten by a freaking dog! And now...I'm running away from an evil robot who I've sworn I've seen before. How much more can my life get messed up?

I yelp as something metal claws at my legs, flinging Sam and I onto a broken down car.

I hope this car has good insurance....

The giant police bot slams its fists onto the car we're on, making us tilt forward.

"It's just a bad dream." I mumble, pinching myself. Yeah...just a bad, bad, bad, dream.

"Are you username LadiesMan217!?" The robot growls in our faces, banging on the car as he speaks.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Sam yells back.

"Yeah, that's him." I answer. Sam glares at me, but his eyes are filled with fear.

What? If we're going to die we might as well tell the robot the truth.

My voice catches the robot's attention.

"Is your designation Tanya Fey Wess?" The robot asks, his gleaming red eyes locked on mine.


"No." I hiss. No one, not even evil robots, are allowed to know my name.

"Are you designation Tanya Fey Wess!?" He growls again.

Man this guy has anger issues. Wait...why did he suddenly go from questioning Sam, to questioning me?

"No you stupid rust bucket." I sass.

Okay maybe not my brightest idea.

Mr.Anger Issues growls and swipes at us with his claw-like-hands, barely missing as I drag Sam away. We start running for our lives, Sam screaming like the little baby he is. I, on the other hand, have way too many thoughts swimming through my mind.

How did he know my name?

Why am I so important?

Does he know about my past?

Oh...my..god! He does...

"Get back!" Sam suddenly screams. I look around in confusion, but then my eyes widen when I see Mikaela riding towards us on her moped.

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