°Chapter 11° Sparky?

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Transformers. I only own my Oc, and my MANY plot twists.~Hannah



"Hello!" Still now answer. I swear if no one answers me soon I'll-

'Hello young one.'

~Now Back To Our Story~

Have you ever had one of those moments when you're so confused, happy, pissed, and sad at the same time? That's how I feel right now. I'm literally so confused right now, I don't know if I should be happy, angry, or sad. That one sentence inside my head was enough to trigger some of the happiest, and saddest memories of my past.


'Sparky? Do you want to play a game?'

I had just returned from my daily testing, and was bored out of my mind. So, I asked my one friend if she would like to play with me.

'What do you have in mind, Sweetspark?' I shrugged, not really having an answer.

'I dunno...just something.' Sparky laughs; the sound vibrating inside my head.

'How about...Simon Says? Isn't that what you Earth children call it?' I giggle. Sparky was still trying to figure out our Earth customs.

'Hehe, yes that's what it's called. Do you want to be Simon?'

'I would love to partake in your game. Just one question young one.'

'Yeah Sparky?'

'Who is this Simon character you speak of?'

Her question sent me into a round of giggles, while she just chuckled at my childishness. I remember when Sparky and I played that game. One round in particular really made me laugh....

'Simon says to...walk on the roof.' I stared up at the roof.

'Sparky...how am I supposed to reach the roof?' I could sense her mental frowning.

'You cannot walk on the roof?' I snicker.

'Not really...it's too high...and gravity won't allow it.'

'Gravity? I have never heard of it.' I just shake my head in amusement.

'It's what keeps us on the ground, and not in the air.' Sparky hums in understanding.

'Care to explain further?'

Our simple game of Simon Says, turned into me giving Sparky a two hour teaching lesson on gravity and how it works. I never knew I was that smart, even Sparky was surprised by how bright I was.


I had my good moments with Sparky, but I also bad ones. I will never forget my last moment with Sparky...nor will I forget her screams of agony.

'Sparky?' I whimper. I immediately feel a blanket of warmth engulf me.

'What's wrong Sweetspark? Why are you so sad?' I choke on a sob.

'They..they said people are going to try to take me away..' I could feel her anger through our bond; it only made me more upset.

'Shh, it's alright young one. I will not allow them to take you away.' Even as she tried to soothe me, I could hear how her voice wobbled in sadness. For once in my life...Sparky was sad. It just made my anger rise; I hated when Sparky was upset like this.

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