°Chapter 10° Don't Piss Off Optimus

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to transformers, even though I wish I did. I only own my Oc, and my main (clear) plot twists.~Hannah


Everyone in the car starts to panic as two metal hands crash in through the windows. Thank Primus Optimus showed up. Their panicking and yelling increases as Optimus lifts the car into the air...by the roof. I have to squint my eyes as a bright light shines into the car.

"It's big! It's big!" One of the agents yell. No shit sherlock. Although panic starts rising inside my chest as I hear the sound of ripping metal. Oh god! He's ripping the roof off.

"Better hold on." I whisper to Sam and Mik. They nod fearfully, clutching the seats like a life line; bracing their bodies for the crash landing.

Though, instead of clutching the seats like they do, I put my arms in the air as we crash onto the ground. "It's like a roller coaster ride." I remark. Mik and Sam just shake their heads at me.

I look up as the bright light from before disappears, giving me a clear view of the Autobot standing in front of me.

Optimus fucking badass Prime! Although I'm surprised when I see hatred lingering in Optimus' optics as he stares down at the agents.

"You a-holes are trouble now." Sam remarks with a proud smile. "Gentlemen I want to introduce you to our friend," Sam looks at me as he trails off. I nod, grinning up at Optimus.

"Our friend Optimus Prime!" I exclaim. Optimus' eyes lock onto me, checking me over.

"Taking the children and Tanya was a bad move," Optimus growls in his deep baritone voice.Again with singling me out. Why is it always me? "Autobots relieve them of their weapons." Optimus adds when the agents take out there small guns (Well compared to their weapons). My grin just gets bigger as the others Autobots-Ratchet, Ironhide, Jazz, and Bee- jump down from the bridge. Talk about amazing timing!

"Freeze!" Ironhide snarls. "Give me those!" Jazz adds. I tilt my head in confusion as the agent's guns fly into his hand. Since when did he have a handy dandy magnet?

The agents shrink back as Optimus leans forward; his electric blue optics glaring down at them.

"You don't seem afraid, are you not surprised to see us?" Optimus asks. That's a good question. Why do they act like they've seen this before? I gasp as images once again flash inside my mind.

Although this time, I understand the image completely.

A giant metal man frozen in ice...


They've been keeping him frozen? What kind of sick bas-

"There as S-Seven protocols," Assface mumbles. "I'm not authorized to communicate with you unless...to tell you I can't communicate with you.." I roll my eyes. Of course Assface is following rules by the book.

"Get out of the car." Optimus grumbles.

"Me? You want me to..? Ok..ok.." Assface stutters..slowly getting out of the car. Apparently Optimus doesn't approve of this.

"NOW!" Optimus snaps. That gets their attention. Instead of slowly moving, they're frantically trying to get out of the car.

I fumble slightly as I try to get out of smashed van, luckily a silver hand catches me before I can fully fall over on my face. I look up, only to meet the concerned eyes of Optimus.

"Are you alright Sw-Tanya?" Optimus asks, but not before he corrects himself.

What was he about to say?

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