°Chapter 18° I Choose Life

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Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstances, own Transformers. Micheal Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, plot twists, and my evil cliffhangers.~Hannah


~Tany's Pov: Before Megabitch Dies~

I don't know, and probably never will, understand how Icon did it, but he brought me back. My first thought was "Oh shit! I'm a zombie!", but I looked down and noticed I was still my normal self. The only part that looked horrible was my hair. It's covered in my blood, so you can barely see it's color anymore.

"You better watch out Megabitch, I'm back and I'm ready to kick your fat metal ass."

Those words are the reason I'm here now.

Fifty feet away from Megabitch's metal ass...which will be kicked...hard.

(Damn..that sounds so wrong. XD)

I watch, hidden behind a slab of concrete, as Megabitch throws Optimus against a building. I cringe when he tumbles to the ground; groaning in pain.

"Strike one." I whisper.

"You still fight for the weak, just like that pathetic human femme did. Which is why you will lose, and why she's dead." Megabitch taunts. Before I can remark, I gasp as a large amount of rage engulfs me. I take a deep breath, waiting for the anger to calm down.

"Optimus, you are one scary ass fucker when you're pissed." I mumble, watching as Optimus roars, charging at Megabitch. "Oh, and that's strike two Megabitch." I add.

I look up as military support flies over head, shooting at Megabitch. I snicker as he falls to the ground, but growl as Megabitch reaches for Sam.

"Mine! Allspark!" I crack my knuckles, slowly inching my way over to them.

"Technically that's strike four." I mumble as I get closer.

My eyes snap over to Optimus as he starts shouting.

"Sam push the Allspark into my chest! Now!" I shake my head and start running for Sam.

"Why do the good guys always want to kill themselves?" I mumble as I run into Sam, shoving him out of the way. I smirk when I feel Sparky fall into my arms.

Part one of my kick ass plan: complete.

'Hey Sparky.'

'Sweet...Sweetspark!? I thought you were dead!' I sigh, and tug on our bond.

'Do I look dead to you?'

'No..I suppose not.'

'I love you Sparky, and I refuse to leave you. But right now, I got metal ass to kick.' I turn, glaring Megabitch in the face; my left eye flaring crimson.

"You want power!?" I snarl, stepping closer to Megabitch. "Then have it!" I scream, shoving Sparky into Megabitch's chest. I smirk as he chokes, falling to his knees.

'I..I'm sorry I had to do that Sparky.'

'It had to be done. And do not fret Sweetspark, I am still alive...just inside you.'

'Well...that's not weird at all.' I snort as I watch Megabitch fall to the ground.


Part two of my kick ass plan: complete.

"Man! I love kicking ass!" I exclaim, catching the attention of everyone around me.

I smile as I feel Optimus' happiness through our bond, but I do not tug on it yet.

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