°Chapter 19° You Should Probably Open The Door

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, Micheal Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, plot twists, and evil cliffhangers.~Hannah



My blood runs cold at that voice. The one voice I've learned to despise. The one that ruined my life eight years ago.


~Now Back To Our Story~

'Tanya do you know this man?' I ignore Sparky, keeping my eyes focused on my father. Or should I say, on Bill.

"What are you doing here Bill?" I ask, venom lacing every word. Bill smiles and steps further into the room.

'Tanya who is this man?'

"So you do remember me Tai." Bill remarks, walking in a circle around me. I follow his every move, not daring to lose him.

"It's Tanya, fuck face." I snarl. "And of course I remember you. You sold me." Bill chuckles, a deep sound that makes my blood boil.

"I only did what I had to do dear." I roll my eyes.

"Of course you did," I mumble. "So tell me Bill, you still with Hillary? Or did you dump her for some other whore?" Bill snarls.

"No. Your mother and I are still together."

'Tanya is this man your father?'

"That's surprising," I say coldly. "I'm surprised she hasn't dumped your ass on the side of the road yet. Then again, last time I remember, she's always desperate for something, even something as pathetic, and small, as you."

(Need some ice for that burn Bill?)


I yelp as Bill's hand strikes me across the face; taking me off guard.

"You listen here little girl! I am your father, and you will respect me!" Bill shouts angrily. I look at him, holding my left cheek in my hand.

"No you listen fuck face," I snarl, my left eye flaring red. "You stopped being my father the first day you hit me, and Hillary stopped being my mother the day she allowed you to hit me!" Bill stumbles backwards, obviously shocked by my eye.

"What..happened to you?" Bill demands. I inhale a breath, letting it out slowly.

"Those men you sold me to? They experimented on me Bill! And now this happens!"


"So, Sector Seven went along with our plan after all." Bill mumbles.

"What did you just say!?" I scream furiously. Bill laughs, sitting down on a chair.

"Did Sector Seven ever tell you how I found out about them?" Bill asks calmly. I shake my head slowly.

"They never told me anything. They only ever said that they owned me." I reply.

'Sweetspark...perhaps you shouldn't listen to this man.'


"Interesting," Bill mumbles under his breath. "Then I suppose I should tell you."

'Young one-'

'No! I want to know.' I snap.

'If you must..'

"It would be best if you take a seat for this dear." I huff, sitting down on the floor; away from him.

"Now talk." I demand. He sighs, which confuses me. He's acting differently than he was just seconds ago.

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