°Chapter 12° It's Your Choice Barricade

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Disclaimer: I do not under any circumstance own Transformers. I only own my Oc, and my plot twists that I add.~Hannah


It's taking all of my will to not burst out into tears. After seven or six years of being alone...I finally found the one being who made me feel...wanted. Sure the Witwicky family loves me like their own, and cares for me, they can't care for me like Sparky does. The way Sparky cares for me makes me feel like she's my real mother; even if she isn't.

'Sparky..I've missed you so much.' I smile broadly when I feel a very familiar warmth wash over my body.

'I've waited so long to be able to hear you once again young one.' Oh.

'I am so sorry Sparky! I should have kept the bond open...instead of blocking it.'

'Sweetspark..why did you block the bond? Did you not want me with you anymore?' My eyes widen in pure horror. Not want her anymore!?

'N..no Sparky! I was just....' I can't finish. Now that I actually think about it, I never really had a reason to block our bond. I guess...I just forgot about her...until recently.

'Sparky I am so sorry for...forgetting you...I..guess I just wanted to forget the pain.' I guess not being able to be with her made the pain worse, and I couldn't stand it.

'Ca...can you forgive me Sparky? Can you forgive me for forgetting you?'


My heart sinks. She doesn't forgive me, and hates me for forgetting her...for leaving her.

'I never wanted to leave you. I only wanted to be with you Sparky. Honest.'


'I know I don't deserve your love or your care. I left you with these horrible men...and they hurt you. And I just..left you.' I can't help as a tear slips out of my eye. I honestly feel horrible about forgetting her.

'Tanya.' My breath catches in my throat.

She really is upset with me.

'Y-yes Sparky?' Even if I'm only speaking mentally, I know my voice cracked.

'What did I tell you the day you left?' Huh?

'That we still have our bond? But..' I gasp as I feel a tug in my chest.

Our bond cord.

'Indeed I did say that, but I don't mean that. What three words did I say before you left?' A smile finds it way onto my face as I remember her three final words.

'Forever and always.' I say softly.

'Indeed. I know you did not mean to forget me, you would never.' I smile sadly.

'But that doesn't give me any reason to forget you...I should have-' Although another tug on our bond cord stops me.

'Do not be silly Sweetspark. Even if you think it was wrong of you to forget me..it was necessary.' Why would forgetting the person I love the most be necessary?

'Necessary? Why would it be necessary?' Sparky softly chuckles; the sound softly vibrating inside my head.

'If you wouldn't have forgotten me, the pain of being separated from me would have been too great for you. Since you forgot me, the pain slowly faded away. But you are now with me..besides..there is something you need to do.'

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