°Chapter 15° "All Men Are Created Equal."

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Transformers. I only own my Oc, and my many plot twists.~Hannah


Assface and Banana waste no time in taking us to Bee, in fact, they looked more than willing to do it. Huh...the things you can accomplish with giant sentient beings by your side.

"Take the next right!" Assface shouts.

Although he didn't have to.

I already know where Bee is, just by the sound of his pained whirs.

"There!" I shout, pointing at a giant metal door. Barricade skids to a stop in front of the door.

"Should we use force entry?" Barricade asks. I nod, gripping his shoulder.

"Do it." Barricade nods; his cannons whirring to life. I watch in awe as he shoots the door, the entire frame blowing up.

"Whoa!" People from within shout. Barricade doesn't power down his cannons as he steps into the room.

The sight is enough to break my heart.

Bumblebee lays strapped onto a giant metal table while scientists spray liquid nitrogen, trying to freeze him.

'This is a disgusting sight.'

'Indeed it is Sparky.'

"I advise you release him." I growl. The scientists all look at me, but then their eyes land on Barricade; making them drop everything. "Anyone moves, and you get blown into tiny little human chicken nuggets." I growl. They slowly nod, putting their hands in the air. I turn my attention to Bee.

"Oh Bee." I whimper. He looks up at me, a sad, yet happy, look in his optics. Then..his optics land on Barricade.

"Intruder-detain!" Bee shouts using his radio. Barricade stiffens, and slowly backs up.

"Calm yourself Autobot." Barricade remarks, setting me on the ground. I immediately run over to Bee.

"Bee calm down! It's alright. Okay? It's alright, he's on our side." I say softly. "He's not going to attack." Bee looks at me, disbelief in his optics, and back up at Barricade. I sigh, gently putting a hand on his faceplate.

"It's okay Bee, he's not going to hurt anyone...except maybe Assface." Bee whirs, slowly relaxing his muscles.

"I heard that!"

And then Bee tenses his muscles.

Just when I thought I had everything under control.

"Shut up!" I snap, turning to the group. Barricade grunts, pointing his cannons at the agents.

"Not another step fleshy." Assface and Banana take a step back; holding their hands in the air.

"Okay..okay." Assface mumbles.

"Bee? They didn't hurt you did they?" Sam asks as he steps closer. Bee makes a whirring sound, that almost sounds like "Yeah!". I raise an eyebrow at that.

"They did?" Bee nods. I smirk.

"Hey Assface? Remember what I said would happen if Bee was hurt?" Everyone, excluding Banana and Assface, snickers. "I said if he even had one little scratch I would allow anyone to shoot you. So...who wants to do it?" As soon as the words left my mouth almost every single hand went up into the air. I snicker, looking at Barricade.

"Do whatever you need to do." Barricade nods, and picks Assface up by the collar of his shirt.

"You're coming with me fleshy." I laugh as he carries him out of the room, his pleads of help echoing throughout the building.

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