°Chapter 17° Life or Death? It's My Choice

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'I guess this is it Sparky.'

He couldn't catch me in time.

~Now Back To Our Story~

~3rd Person Pov~

Optimus might have been able to catch Sam, even though he was aiming for both Tanya and Sam, he was only able to catch Sam. The said pair of beings stare in horror as Tanya falls to her death, the Allspark, or Sparky in Tanya's case, tightly wrapped in her arms.

"Tanya! No! Tanya!" Sam screams in horror, banging on the Prime's hand that holds him. "You have to help her!" Optimus, his optics downcast and filled with sadness, sighs sadly.

"I am sorry Samuel...I can't get to her in time." That breaks Sam. He cries out in agony and sadness as he watches the girl he considers a sister fall to her demise.

The surrounding group of humans that hear Sam's cry look up, their eyes landing on Tanya...yet they don't realize it's her.

"What is that boy screaming about?" Epps remarks, squinting his eyes. Will shrugs.

"He's in the middle of a war zone Epps, give the kid a break." The humans, foolish as ever, shrug off the falling Tanya, claiming it as nothing.

Although, that doesn't stop the surrounding Autobots from realizing who it is.

"By the Allspark," Ratchet gasps in horror. "It's the femme!"

That's when the realization hits them.


"Tanya? But..how!?" Mik screams. Epps and Will stare in horror, realizing their mistake.

They all look away as Tanya finally hits the ground, a sickening crunch emitting as she hits the ground.

"Is..she dead?" Epps asks as the group fearfully nears her form. Mik gags, looking away.

Tanya lays fallen on the ground, several of her bones sticking out. Although the most sickening sight, is the pool of blood spilling out from her skull.

"There is no chance of her surviving a fall at that height." Ratchet confirms sadly. He didn't need to though, they could already tell she was dead.

Although something strange occurs.

As the sudden news of her death fully processes, the Autobots, including Barricade, fall to their knees clutching their chest plates.

As Optimus falls from the building, Sam safe in his grip, he too grips his chest plate.

"Uh...are you guys alright?" Epps asks, noticing their pained faces. Barricade grunts, trying to shove away the pain.

"This..is not what I expected when I agreed to help the femme." He mumbles. The humans stare in confusion at him.

"What do you mean?" Will asks. Although, everyone falls silent as every Autobot starts mumbling inhuman words.

"Are they speaking Chinese or something?" One of the soldiers asks. Mik shakes her head.

"I think it's their native language." They all jerk back as the Autobots say the same thing, the message confusing yet clear at the same time.

"A bond has been formed."

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