°Chapter 14° Can I Shoot Him?

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Disclaimer: I do not under any circumstances own Transformers, unfortunately Michael Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, and my MANY plot twists.~Hannah



Barricade is completely speechless at what he sees, but he narrows his eyes when a certain voice speaks up.

"What are you doing here?"


~Tanya's Pov~

I always knew Assface was messed up in the head, but I never thought he could be this fucked up! Who in their right mind would kill an innocent baby? Oh right, Assface would. Although that's the least of my problems right now.

"Tai!" Sam gasps. I send him a small smile.

"Hey Sammy Boy."

"So this is your sister." The black kid says.

"No, this is Subject 731." Assface mutters. I send him a glare, and my eyes widen when Barricade stands in front of me, eyeing every person in the room.

"I would advise that you refrain from calling her that." Barricade snarls.

'Hmm...his protective instincts are already acting up.' Sparky murmurs.


'Nothing young one, you'll find out soon enough.' I roll my eyes, focusing my glare on Banacheck.

"It's been a while...Banana." I remark, using his nickname. He rolls his eyes, clearly not liking the current situation.

"It has...Subject 731." Barricade growls in warning; telling him to watch how he speaks to me.

"Could someone please explain what's going on here?" John- who I've come to realize is the SecDef- says, watching me intently.

"Why don't you ask Simmons and Banana, they're the ones who bought me." As I say this, the soldier's eyes widen. The cute white soldier steps forward, his eyes flaring with emotion.

"They bought you?" He asks. I sigh sadly, but nod.

"My parents needed money...so they sold me." His eyes widen, and he turns to Assface.

"What did you do to her?" He demands. Before Assface can answer the entire building starts shaking; the lights flickering on and off. Banana rushes over to the phone that sits in the corner.

"Banacheck, what's going on?" There's a moment of silence before the person on the other side answers.

"The NBE 1 hangar has lost power, and the back up generator is just not going to cut it."

Well shit just got real.

"Please tell me NBE 1 stands for some type of giant freezer." I plead with the people around me. Sam gulps, sending me a small, nervous, smile.

"It actually means...Megatron." My eyes, along with Barricade's, widen.

"We are so fragged." Barricade mumbles, I nod.

"What he said."

"Do you have an arms room?" The soldier from before asks. Assface sends Banana a look, but nods.

We waste no time in running to the arms room, but hey..why not make conversation as we run to save the world?

"So...I'm Tanya." I start off, offering the two soldiers a smile. The black one flashes me a smile.

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