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First of course immediately tried to go see Phayu.
The international school made him go home in the afternoon, unlike when he went to a normal school where he could go home at noon and even skipping classes was not a problem.
First waited for Phayu at the basecamp after going to the boxing training center and they told him that Phayu had been absent for two weeks because he hadn't paid the fee, so First paid it and asked them to make Phayu come back to the boxing class.

Currently Phayu was on hisbway to Basecamp after returning from school, he could see a foreign car parked below with Podd beside it.

"What are you doing?" Phayu asked with a flat face.

"Bastard, you took so long. First is waiting for you upstairs."

Phayu looked surprised, he immediately stepped towards the second floor of the apartment building. Apparently, he didn't realize that First saw him going to school with Khaotung this morning.

"Where are you going?" First asked.

Phayu noticed the school uniform First was wearing, it looked like Dunk's uniform when he and some of his school students came to visit the school.

"Why are you looking for me?"

"I just got back from boxing class, and I've paid the monthly fee for the next 5 months."

Phayu sighed, First and her wealth had returned. "Why did you do it without telling me?"

"Can you tell me where Khaotung is?"

Phayu licked his lips nervously, then sighed while looking at the street without wanting to see Firstk.

"I won't bother you guys, I just have a few questions."

Phayu turned back to First. "What do you mean by 'you guys'?"

"I see it, Phayu. Maybe you do fit in with him who has a lot in common," First replied.

"But I can't accept if he just leaves without a clear goodbye," First continued. So, he asked Phayu once again to bring him and Khaotung together one last time.

Phayu chuckled. "First, Khaotung and I are not in any relationship other than friends. Secondly, I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you."

Phayu then turned around, about to go inside the base camp but First stopped her footsteps again.

"Then can you tell me what you guys talked about that night?"

Phayu turned his head to First.

"After that, he asked me to let him go, I need answers and you have the right to tell me."

This time Phayu actually turned to First, and slightly agreed with First's statement that he had the right to know why Khaotung left him like that.
If it was like this, Khaotung couldn't say that his relationship with First was over, because he closed the book on his own story which was actually a story between two people.

"You can go see him at the bar where he used to work, ask him anything and mention my name if he asks where you know his  whereabouts from."

First nodded his head.

"First," Phayu called to First who was already on the stairs.

"The fact you have to believe is that he left you after considering that you would also truly receive happiness. Your love is not one-sided."
For the second time, First returned to the bar.
For the second time too, he saw how Khaotung was with a strange man, making out in front of him right after First searched for his whereabouts in the crowd inside the bar.
At first, First didn't want to intrude, but when he realized that the strange man was Korn, First took another step to approach. Then, he grabbed Korn and unleashed a crushing blow to the old Bangka's face.

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