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Masturbation together is a regular thing for Khaotung when he works at the bar.
He don't know how it started, but Khaotung always got great tips from it.
Khaotung and the customer who came in at the time would take him to the toilet and Khaotung would help the guy to orgasm, but Khaotung never wanted to be touched more than that because he never prepared himself for it.
He did this for quite a while, basically until he could afford to buy a cell phone and pay off some of his father's debts to some loan sharks. But Khaotung stopped doing it for fear of catching a venereal disease.

"So this is your first time?"

Khaotung kept wincing every time First's fingers down there touched an area other than his penis.
The entrance to his hole was Khaotung's newly discovered sensitive area.

The music was still out there, but not as loud.
The initially pleasant atmosphere for Khaotung turned into one full of fear and curiosity.
He was scared, but the stimulation the First provided made Khaotung think twice about running away. In fact, he had the power to break away from First.

"First." Again, Khaotung held First's arm as he felt the tip of the index finger pressing against his tight hole.

First then grabbed Khaotung's hand, pressing it gently above his head.
First didn't want to push, but he was also curious because it was his first time.
He seemed to be an expert since he watched porn every night, First and his dark side.

"I'll stop for a while if it hurts you. Agreed?"

Khaotung swallowed his saliva nervously, not even really enjoying the gentle kiss First was currently giving him. Khaotung's focus was completely centered on the touch of  First's hand down there.
The grip that was getting stronger was felt by  First on his back as his index finger started trying to penetrate Khaotung's hole.

"You want me to stop?" Khaotung didn't say anything, but First volunteered when he saw the bodyguard's face look pained.

"I don't feel pain," Khaotung replied.

The two then looked at each other, making the hesitant Khaotung feel comfortable and ready for First.
He pulled First by the scruff of the neck, restarting the hot kiss with Khaotung's hands moving around First's chest, trying to revive the atmosphere that had gone downhill since First seemed so cautious at the moment.
The provoked First immediately spread Khaotung's thighs, and pressed his index finger deeper until it was fully inserted.


"Where is Khaotung?"

Podd looked puzzled, he searched for Khaotung's whereabouts for a long time but couldn't find him anywhere.

"You saw First? The boss asked me to look for him but I didn't find him." Then, Lee appeared who also looked exhausted looking for First.

Podd then suggested Lee to look for First on the second floor of his room, maybe he'd go back to his room because Podd knew that First didn't like this kind of crowded atmosphere.

"Wait, Khaotung isn't anywhere either."

Lee and Podd fell silent, then both looked at the second floor.

"You think the same?" Podd asked.

"No way, First's taste is that of a brat like Khaotung?"

Podd chuckled, he found Khaotung very adorable after getting along. Even in the room Podd was always happy because the boy had 1000 stories to tell him.

"Khaotung is in trouble if the boss finds out he's related to First," Lee said. There was no jealousy between them as they were suspicious of Khaotung who might be treated specially by First. Maybe it was because they were both 'Doms' and didn't think Khaotung was the type of 'Sub' they were looking for.

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