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First still went to the dinner with his shirt replaced by a sweater, a turtleneck to cover up the kissmark Khaotung had made on his neck earlier.
First even still felt the pain in his neck, it was like Khaotung was really trying to hurt his neck.

"Are you cold?" Asked his mother on the way to the table.

"A little," First replied as he touched his neck, he was a little concerned that the cloth covering his neck would suddenly sag.

Apparently the Natachai family had arrived first, they stood up from their seats to welcome the Khanapan family.
The chat started with a few pleasantries about how everyone was doing, a week had passed since their first meeting.
This was also the first time the wives had met.
Dunk and First were both silent at this point, just like Sunday songs.
The two just stared at each other with bored looks.
But Dunk was more curious about the turtleneck outfit First was wearing.
In this hot weather he was wearing such clothes, strange.

"If Dunk and First were in the same school, they would definitely get along very well."

First turned his head to his mother, looking so hopeful that he would transfer to an international school like Dunk.

"Can you ask Dunk to persuade my son? I think he'll want to if Dunk asks him," First's mother continued and then turned to Dunk with a sweet smile.

"Why me?" Dunk asked politely.

"Because you're his future spouse. I think you'll understand if we keep doing this to get you acquainted first.
Next week, have dinner together."

Dunk then turned to First. The boy did not show that he was about to reject this matchmaking, whereas if it was just the two of them like yesterday First would have immediately said that he would reject it.


Khaotung was currently sitting in the middle of the bed in the room next to First.
The dim light accompanied Khaotung who was thinking about many things.
First, his father's debt to Khanapan was definitely paid off.
Even with his mother and father's debts to loan sharks outside of Khanapan, Khaotung could pay them off with the money First gave him every time they had sex.
His and First's relationship was good, in fact he was lucky that someone like First fell in love with him.
Khaotung's life became better, not only could he pay off his parents' debts but he could also get everything he wanted without much effort.
First also seems to buy everything for him no matter if Khaotung needs it or not.
As annoying as he is, First is always patient and ends up smiling at him.

Perhaps that was why Khaotung seemed to be thawing out at the moment.
The compelling reason why he didn't want to accept First was firstly, he didn't have any feelings for him in the first place.
Secondly, he thought that he would spend the rest of his life paying off his parents' debts so it was obvious that he wouldn't have time to date, so even the thought of falling in love was always quickly dismissed.
But this time, Khaotung felt dependent on First. He was scared because of the arranged marriage, and he was also scared that the feelings he was feeling right now were not feelings of falling in love but fear of losing his money machine.

Khaotung doesn't want to hurt First if he no longer needs First's money and the feeling of love he never felt for him.
In essence, Khaotung currently only wants First for himself but is afraid to say that he has fallen in love with him. Because if in the end this feeling was just a feeling of 'Needing money' it would be a problem for both of them.

"But I miss him now," Khaotung said and looked at the wall clock above the door.
It was only 19:40. There was still about an hour left for First to get home from his dinner.

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