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My Endgame  by firthung09
My Endgame by firthung.bruh
Khaothung who was always in love with First how will their love find it's way if First already has someone else in his life.
Safe zone♡ by rosewolf__123
Safe zone♡by Jenice 🖤
Do follow @_fteditzz on instagram for firstkhao related edits.🫶🏻 . . First and Khao are two different people from different world's. I'm not good at descriptions pleas...
FIRSTKHAO by petreatrees
FIRSTKHAOby Petrea volubilis.
FirstKhao oneshots collection i made. Some story might have more than one chapter (no more than 3). ((Sorry if there's any grammar error, english isnt my first language)...
I'm sorry...for everything  by summerghost_05
I'm sorry...for everything by Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
How I would imagine things happen after ep 6 of only friends.
he's mine  by BND__ZB1_
he's mine by BND__ZB1_
quick little akkayan oneshot where akk gets a little jealous because we need more of those
Was he ever Mine? (Completed) by firthung09
Was he ever Mine? (Completed)by firthung.bruh
What will happen when khao realises he started liking his bestfriend will be be able to hide it?
My Two-faced Classmate [ AkkAyan ] by 1stktnw
My Two-faced Classmate [ AkkAyan ]by 1stktnw
"What? What was that? I saw my classmate in my dream. Am I a pervert? He is my crush but I think he is a little bit strange. He is a nerd but sometimes it feels lik...
Hi Again Flower by bela_3
Hi Again Flowerby Writer.B
"So there's One of my friends I want you to get to know him he's not that bad you know"Ohm said and I stopped on my tracks. there's really someone who wants to...
With You - AkkAyan by AnnaMc688
With You - AkkAyanby Anna Mc
Akk and Ayan are pursuing there own dream while trying to hold on to each other. but will they be able to? how will their life will progress when they are heading in di...
"ကျွန်တော့်ရဲ့မြို့အုပ်မင်း'' by Kim_Bora_kitty
"ကျွန်တော့်ရဲ့မြို့အုပ်မင်း''by あ"𝐊ɪᴍ 𝐋𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞♡
Unicode🍁 မြို့ကလာတဲ့ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက်နှင့် နယ်မြို့လေးက မြို့အုပ်မင်းလေးတို့ တွေ့ ဆုံကြသောအခါ............ သူတို့ရဲ့ မသိစိတ်ကချစ်ခြင်းမေတ္တာတွေဟာ ဘယ်ကနေ အစပျိုးလာခဲ့သလဲ...
FirstKhao: In just a moment by linagenke
FirstKhao: In just a momentby lina
A story about a part-timer in a cafe. One evening he meets a mysterious boy. I'm using the names of First and Khao but this is not related to any of their series
Personal Bodyguard. (AkkAyan) Ending by Fknotkf
Personal Bodyguard. (AkkAyan) Fknotkf
This story is originally in Indonesian, but because I like it, I changed it to English. If there is a wrong word, sorry.
Define Love||KhaoFirst by TeasWithCookies
Define Love||KhaoFirstby CUPIDS
What will happen when Khao the only heir of Jongcheevat Business Inc., the beloved son, ruthless reckless bad boy lays eyes over the servants boy. "I could make you...
Hidden Feelings by JustanotherSOMFK
Hidden Feelingsby SOM FK
First discovers his love for his best friend of 5 years, Khaotung during the GMMTV 2023 Outing. He comes to understand that he has two options: give up or go all out. Ho...
Just a Lovely Day by firstkhaolove
Just a Lovely Dayby 𝖫𝖮𝘒𝘐𝗡 ☆
Valentine's Day special! it's a 5+1 thing(6 chapters total) about our fav Fk couples! One of them is so new (not cannon) that I couldn't help but write a thing about the...
Deja vu by xtittiana
Deja vuby Ari Neta
Akk wakes up in another universe, all of a sudden hes a bar singer, he sees aye but aye doesn't remember him...
 You're Mine, I'm Yours by Yooni__Yoon
You're Mine, I'm Yoursby Yooni
Khautong, a university student and a part-timer, accidentally hit the Mafia boss with his bike. The Mafia boss forced him to work for him as compensation for breaking hi...
Passing By | AKKAYAN by petreatrees
Passing By | AKKAYANby Petrea volubilis.
Akk's dead. Tw : su!cide.
WASTED AWAY // SANDRAY by KhaotungsHusband
WASTED AWAY // SANDRAYby KhaotungsHusband
The world - a place of suffering, pain, agony. It was a blur. The numbness, the burning liquor streaming down his throat, the slience. He looked around, but he can't see...