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Khanapan has a younger brother, the younger brother's life is arguably better. The man has a business in food and previously lived overseas.
But, this time he tried to find a place and opened a branch in Thailand, the land of his birth.

But before starting his business, he first went to visit his brother and nephew.
Tay is so far away from Khanapan that when they embraced First for the first time, they looked like brother.
Tay also already had a husband, he managed to marry him overseas.

"You grew up faster."

First smiled, he interacted with his uncle quite often via video call. So s
he was very happy when Tay said he would come to Thailand and settle here about 5 months ago.

"I can't wait to meet Newwie," First said and walked with Tay to the living room.

"He's gone shopping."

Khaotung looked at Tay's figure with amazement, so handsome he thought.

"His name is Tay Khanapan, but last year he changed his surname to his mother's, so his current name is Tay Tawan. He is married to a schoolmate named Newwie Tawan."

Khaotung turned his head to Podd, both of whom had just come out of the room.

"Who is Khanapan? Brother?"

"With a young face like that you think he's Khanapan's big brother?"

Khaotung chuckled, whose distinctive laughter was heard by First and Tay.
By this time Khanapan and his mother First had already gone to the living room.

"Khao, where are you going?" First asked.

"Nowhere," replied Khaotung who immediately stopped his laughter when First called out.

"Hey, Podd. How are you?" Tay apparently recognized Podd.

"Who's that boy? The new kid?"

"My bodyguard."

Tay then laughed, he thought Khaotung was just an acquaintance of Khanapan's employed. Khaotung's current hairstyle with bangs as well as his height (as it was) did not show the slightest that he was a bodyguard.
Ah, Tay just realized that Khaotung's arms had quite a lot of muscles unlike  First who just won the height.

"We go to the same school," First explained.

First then asked Khaotung not to go anywhere because he had to accompany his family who had just arrived from America.
Khaotung nodded his head, after all he didn't plan to go anywhere today.
About Korn, he has to go see him again next week and of course this time he will go with First.
The family's first discussion was of course about First and Dunk's matchmaking.
Khanapan couldn't stop bragging about the Natachai family, he would be so happy if First and Dunk got married later and their two businesses would unite to become bigger.

Tay just smiled and nodded in response to Khanapan's story, then turned to First who looked very uncomfortable with this conversation.

"What about you, are you happy with this arranged marriage? Have you tried getting to know Dunk?"

Khanapan then turned to First, he had never asked First such a question. Because he only cared about his own happiness.

"No, I was planning on rejecting it. But mom kept persuading me so I tried to approach Dunk."

Tay nodded his head. "Don't marry without love."

"I didn't love First's mother before, but after marriage the love was there out of habit." Khanapan smiled as he expressed his opinion.

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