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First turned his head this way and that, but he had yet to find Khaotung who he said had gone to the toilet in his first lesson but didn't return to class even when the break time had rung.
Phayu and his friends had gone somewhere, maybe skipping class for a brawl? Phayu also still couldn't be advised not to get involved in such juvenile delinquency, it might interfere with his future in boxing.

"What are you doing here?"

First found Khaotung inside the school's warehouse.

"Smoking," Khaotung replied, showing his pack of cigarettes.

"I mean since the first lesson," First explained and walked over to Khaotung. At the very least, he should tell First where he's going so he doesn't have to bother looking for him here and there like this.

"What's wrong?" Khaotung asked again then looked at First who was currently sitting in front of him.

"You're my bodyguard, why should I be your bodyguard."

"Come on, you don't have any enemies that will kill you if I'm not around."

Khaotung then lit his cigarette. First was not a smoker so Khaotung did not offer him one.
The two then looked at each other, until finally First saw a slightly visible red mark on the side collar of Khaotung's uniform.
First hurriedly got up from his seat and pulled the collar of Khaotung's uniform to get a better look at the mark.

"What is this? Who did you have sex with at school?"

Khaotung then touched the neck that First was staring at so intently right now.
Damn, he forgot to tell that person not to leave any traces on his body.

"Didn't do anything, just .... what huh?"


Khaotung sighed then told  First not to be angry, he was just serving a student who happened to know he used to work at the bar.

"I only used my hands."

First seemed unable not to get angry, he pulled the collar of Khaotung's uniform which was currently so white it wasn't as dirty as his old uniform.
Why? Because First bought it for him.
The cigarette that Khaotung was currently smoking also came from his money, shoes, even Khaotung's bag in class all came from First.

"I don't think you're too stupid to understand what I'm saying," First said, tugging on the collar of Khaotung's uniform until their noses rubbed together for a split second. "You can only serve me."

The First did not understand why Khaotung was so fond of selling his body to others. "There must be others, right?"

First then tried to unbutton Khaotung's uniform, but fortunately the owner of the uniform first pushed him hard.
Khaotung threw away the cigarette and stepped on it first.

"What? What defense do you have? Huh?

First grinned as Khaotung approached him with an angry face. It was obvious that Khaotung had agreed that he could only serve First, but he was wandering around the school hawking his body.

"Nothing!" Khaotung shouted in front of First's face.

"Then what are you going to do? Kick me back into debt collection?"

First clenched his fists, Khaotung probably had no idea that he would no longer want to do that to him.

"And you will release me as your sex slave later. Then what? Just do it. After all, I already told you that I'm ready to be part of your father's asshole job."

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