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First and Khaotung decided not to go home early, he borrowed Podd's motorcycle to take Khaotung to the beach which was not far from home.
You'd think they might be on a date, holding each other with a smile on their lips.
But instead, they are just staring silently at the calm sea water.
But their thoughts are as if the sea is at high tide.

"If I agree to leave you, my life will be better."

First turned his head to Khaotung, and his lover was still reluctant to look at him directly.

"Come live a better life with me."

Khaotung finally turned to First. "Are you sure? You would leave everything for me. Are you sure about that?"

"If you're sure about your feelings for me, I will.
Besides, what's everything? It's like I don't have anything. Other than you, I have nothing."

Khaotung gave a small smile.

"You have a private room, you have a car to go to school, you have an ATM card that you always use to eat with me and pay for my services. Anything you want you can get right away, you have a whole family that loves you no matter how much of an asshole you treat them."

"You're going to lose it all, do you understand?"

First then walked closer to Khaotung, he knew very well Khaotung's intentions and understood very well that the one who was convincing himself of the treasure that the First would leave behind was Khaotung himself.
First didn't need it all because he was used to it, but Khaotung's most stable financial source was from First. So it was like Khaotung was convincing himself that he would be fine without it all.

"I'll get it back with my sweat, for you."

Khaotung also realized that he was the one who was most scared when First had to lose everything later. He needed both money and First, and he had to give up one of them to stay sane.

"I'm sorry, First. Until the end, all I think about is myself."

First smiled then raised his hand to fix Khaotung's hair that was messed up by the wind. "You decided to fight with me so I'm a part of you now. You're not selfish Khao.  You're just thinking realistically about your life. I understand, don't worry."

First then kissed Khaotung's forehead, then hugged him so tightly as if he didn't want to let go.

"I promise, I will repay your service for life."

"You speak as if we will be together forever. I could have fallen in love with someone else."

"Shut your mouth, no one likes you more than me."
First finally activated his cell phone after reaching the front of the house, while Khaotung decided to go straight to his room leaving First to go to his father's room.
It was too early in the morning for his father to be sleeping, he must still be working and First couldn't keep delaying the time to make his wishes known.
Moreover, now he wasn't fighting alone, there was Khaotung who sacrificed his top priority for First.


"You just got back? Where were you?"

Khanapan hadn't slept yet, even though he was already wearing his sleeping clothes.
First then approached his father's desk and sat on the chair directly facing him.

"Where from?"

"Going with Khaotung."

Khanapan immediately stopped his writing fingers, then raised his head to look at First who looked fearless in saying so.

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