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First got his first job as a photo model.
A friend of Khaotung's whose father had opened a small photo studio.
First chuckled when he saw his photo on the banner as a sample photo of the identity card.

After that, First also got another job that he got from Newwie. There was a shop that needed male employees where he had to work from morning to evening. The pay was decent, according to Khaotung First's salary there was double Khaotung's salary at his morning delivery job.

A week passed and First was getting used to a life that required him to do something in order to eat.
It was still fun for him, he felt for the first time fighting for himself and also for Khaotung. Moreover, First had to change his quiet character to become more talkative so that his work involving many people would be easier.
He didn't know before that being like Khaotung who was familiar to everyone would make it easier for him to live in this kind of situation.

First had some friends at the tavern, and he had already gotten an offer for a night job at a place from those who thought he was suitable for the job.
But still, there were times when First couldn't stand a day at work.
He was not used to being rushed and his customers and boss wanted him to move faster.
First was often called for reprimand but they didn't think of expelling him because First was one of the attractions for customers here.

"Ah this, I got this when I left early this morning."

Khaotung received some money from First. He said he left too early and the shop was still closed.
It also happened that the shop was not too far from the market so he took a walk to the market area and suddenly a lady asked him to carry the groceries to the car.

"Then, she gave me money. I was shocked and realized that there were several people who did the same. So I went back to the market and helped some other people."

"You look happy," Khaotung said as they ate their meager dinner of bread and canned drinks.

Both had just returned from work, and First had also told Khaotung about his plans to take a night job. "Aren't you tired?"

"I'm tired, but I have to do it."

Khaotung actually had no problem if First wanted to try working at night. But, he was just afraid that First's body was not used to being taken to work that much.

"Maybe I'll go home at midnight," First continued.

The discussion had to stop when Khaotung's cell phone rang.
His cell phone happened to be next to First's, so he was able to see the message first.
It was from the owner of the shop selling goods, he asked Khaotung to pay the installment tomorrow.

"Don't you have to go to the bank tomorrow to pay the installment?"

Khaotung nodded his head. "It's okay, usually I have to pay out money to 4 people at once in a day, this is only two."

Khaotung then gulped down his canned drink without alcohol, he was stressed but he was used to it so he looked fine, even though his head was spinning because there was not enough money.

"We can't keep staying here either, it's been two weeks. I feel bad for Phayu and his friends."

"I'm collecting money to at least rent the apartment house next door," First replied.

Suddenly the mood changed after Khaotung got the message. It wasn't the first time like this, and First was used to seeing Khaotung's moods change quickly.
First immediately moved to sit closer to his lover, hugged him gently and calmed him down about the money.

"Tomorrow I'll leave even earlier to get more people who need me to carry their groceries," First said. "If it's still not enough, I'll ask for my paycheck early at the shop."

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