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Khaotung had just finished his bath when Podd came into his room and told him to go to Khanapan.
Today was a school holiday and First had just gone on a 'date' with Dunk.


Khanapan didn't raise his head to see who had just entered his room without knocking first.
Khaotung was the same way, after standing in front of the boss's desk he just stood there without making any sound, just waiting for Khanapan to notice him.

"You don't have anything to do because First is away with Dunk, right?" Khanapan asked.

"You know what? I can't call you when First is home," Khanapan continued.

That's because every time Khanapan called Khaotung, First would come and ask about whatever he had said to Khaotung.
So since then, Khanapan never wanted to call Khaotung again even though he had often wanted to talk to him.

"Do you feel that  First has treated you differently since your arrival?"

Khaotung remained silent, then looked at Khanapan with some surprise. This was finally, their relationship that Khanapan had smelled. Soon, Khaotung would be kicked out of this house and  First would react as he expected it would.

"What kind of treatment?" Khaotung asked back.

Khanapan thought for a while, too many to mention. Let's remind Khaotung that he was the only one who was often sent up to the second floor. Having lunch together, even First going back and forth asking him personally to transfer him to the collection team and then back to being his bodyguard.
Oh, Khanapan did not forget to mention that his wife once saw Khaotung enter First's room in the middle of the night.

"I can understand if First is in love with you, you spend time together and you even fixed his most aggravating problem, Phayu. But, it's not good to see."

Khaotung held his breath, he didn't think that this moment would hit him so soon.

"There is no history in the Khanapan family of marrying subordinates, First is an only child so he must have a suitable partner."

"Then what do you want from me?"

Khanapan then raised his head, looking at Khaotung with a serious gaze. "You work here because of debt, right? Your father's debt is also with Korn?"

"I will pay it off for you, but I will cut your tenure here from five months to two weeks."

Oh boy, that was tempting for Khaotung.
Besides Khanapan's debt, Korn's debt was also weighing on him. Perhaps more so because his father's debt to Korn was bigger than to Khanapan.
Small debts such as to the bank and others could still be handled by Khaotung despite not working as First's bodyguard. Moreover, now he was back to his original job at the bar.

"Give me time to think," Khaotung replied.

"Why? Have you fallen in love with my only son? With First who is about to marry Dunk Natachai?"
Newwie was seen entering the gates of the Khanapan house with his long strides, his smiling face welcoming Mrs. Khanapan who was waiting for him at the door.
This afternoon, the two had plans to have lunch together at home.
Tay had also been invited by her sister-in-law, but he was getting busy taking care of the restaurant whose date had already been set.

"How is the restaurant? Going well?"

"Oh, Phi. I'm getting dizzy watching Tay keep changing the theme of the restaurant. I think he's going to liken the restaurant here to our restaurant in America."

Newwie was busy talking while walking to the dining table, Khanapan also came along even though he said he couldn't because his work wasn't finished yet. But good thing, Khanapan finished his work when Newwie arrived.

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