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WARNING: there might be violent scenes that will make you uncomfortable for this chapter. So, if you feel uncomfortable skip it, it might be in the paragraph towards the end of the chapter.❗

First behaved differently since that day towards Khaotung; who thought that the night was not something of a serious quarrel.
First no longer looked at him with the same gaze, nor did Khaotung's calls ever go unheeded by First. It was as if they were strangers again like last year, at school and at home.

"Hey, did you throw it away?"

First turned his head to Khaotung who had just returned from school, it was already two hours ago but he was late. Maybe it was because Khaotung now had some part-time workers.

"You said you'd give it to me if you didn't like your lunch menu."

"You haven't eaten yet?"

Khaotung had forgotten that  First was not in a friendly mood right now.

"I have," Khaotung replied. First nodded and left Khaotung to return to the second floor.
Khaotung had intended to call out to First, but the boy had already plugged his ears with earphones.

"What made him so angry like that? What a childish boy."


First still had time to watch Khaotung from the window of his own room apparently. This time, he saw Khaotung practicing martial arts with Khanapan's employed.
First then blinked his eyes a few times seeing Khaotung looking happy to learn martial arts, then something seemed to come to his mind making First end up leaving the room and walking towards his father's room.

"Actually you don't need to learn martial arts if you become Khanapan's employed, you just need to practice strengthening your kicks and punches." Lee said that their job was not to fight with martial arts experts but to beat up old men who refused to pay their debts.

"I'm First's bodyguard, I fight boxers like Phayu." Khaotung tried to remain casual even though Lee's words just now offended him. As much as he hated his father, the memory of him being beaten by Lee was still the last thing he wanted to see again.

"Ah, right."

Podd smiled, then discussed how close Khaotung was to  First now. "Even that night, you went to sneak into his room and came back to mine in the early morning."

"Really? Our guess was right?"

Podd nodded his head at Lee's encouraging question. Furthermore, Podd explained that he could see red marks all over Khaotung's upper body that morning, as the boy had returned to his room without his shirt on.

Khaotung just smiled in embarrassment at this, thinking Podd was still sleeping at the time since the party lasted until the morning.
But apparently, Podd had also just returned to their room followed by him running from the room next to First.

"Ah, I heard you work at the bar? Gawin saw you a few times before you came in here," Lee said.

"Gawin?" Khaotung asked back. That boy, he had never interacted with Khaotung because he was not good at making new acquaintances. So far, Khaotung had only seen Gawin talking to Podd and occasionally seeing him with Lee. But rumors are circulating that Podd and Gawin are a couple. In fact, Khanapan had a rule that their workers were prohibited from dating coworkers because it would interfere with their respective duties.

"You sold your body?" Lee then playfully patted Khaotung's ass a few times.

"Has Gawin ever been my customer?" Khaotung asked and was smacked on the head by Podd.

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