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Khaotung never expected trouble to come at him like rain.
It started with a new debt collector demanding that he pay at least the final installment this month, which was a lot of money to collect in the middle of the month.
Then there was the fact that his parents had run away without caring how miserable he was in Bangkok alone with no family.
Not long after that, Khanapan came with options for him.
And now, First was coming home with his mother.

"We haven't even gotten the apartment next door yet, and you're bringing your mom?"

Khaotung was trying to speak as quietly as possible at the moment, considering Phayu's room was not soundproof and right now First's mother was waiting for him and First to discuss in the room.

"So what now? Where will she sleep? How will she live? How will we-"


"First. Think, I'm living alone is already hard and you also feel how to live like this."

"I'm living fine now, being with mom won't add any burden."

Khaotung sighed, wanting so badly to scream at this moment.

"I can't, I can't live with your mother."

First also sighed, unprepared for this situation.
The two then tried to hold back their emotions, trying not to explode and understand each other's opinions.
Khaotung understood if First thought like that, he didn't have any burden other than making sure his mother ate and slept in a comfortable place.
After all, Khaotung didn't have to bother feeding her either. First only needed Khaotung's approval to let his  mother stay with them.

But of course, Khaotung didn't think that easily.
He was living in debt, and First had promised himself that he would take responsibility for hisnproblems.
What if his mother saw First sharing money with him in this predicament?

"My mom doesn't want to go anywhere."

"Then I'll go tonight."

First turned his head quickly to Khaotung. "What? Where are you going?"

This time, First seemed unable to contain his emotions. Khaotung was at least willing to have a mother in their lives.

"You asked if I allowed it, didn't you? I don't. If you still want to be with your mother, go ahead. I'll go."

First immediately tugged at the collar of Khaotung's jacket, as if ready to throw a punch at the crumpled face.
First did not have any questions today for Khaotung to tell him about how his day had gotten so bad, because even today First had a confusing day.

"You say you're in love with me, but is it this easy for you to try to ditch me?"

Khaotung dismissed  First's hand. "Don't question my feelings in this matter, those are two different things."

"How can it be two different things!"


"How can they be two different things!"

Mrs. Khanapan turned her head towards the door of the room where Khaotung and First had entered 20 minutes ago to talk.
It wasn't until First's shout that Mrs. Khanapan realized that her presence was causing trouble between First and Khaotung.
Phayu who happened to be in Jack's room finally came out of the room, he noticed the woman's narrow back and walked past her to open the door of Khaotung and First's room without knocking.

"What happened?" Phayu asked.

Khaotung felt that if he continued to resist then there would be a bigger fight, so he decided to leave the room from the house without saying goodbye let alone bowing to Mrs. Khanapan.
Phayu then stopped First who was about to chase Khaotung, with anger still consuming both of them Phayu wasn't sure if they would solve the problem.

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