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First was ready in his school uniform, had even finished with lunch and was about to go to the parking lot.
Occasionally, First pressed the back of his neck, he had dozed off for quite a while at the dinner table last night before he finally decided to go back to his room.

First actually wanted to ask the driver about why he hadn't seen Podd take out his motorcycle this morning, and Khaotung hadn't come from inside the house  go to school.
But, the anger he had made him reluctant to even ask and remained silent in curiosity as the car started to drive to school.
Maybe he overslept because his work coincided at night, First thought.

However, Khaotung did not show up until recess. First immediately called Podd in the men's restroom to see if the boy had gone home or not.

"Podd, where are you?"

'I just got back home.'

First sighed. "Khaotung too?"

'No, Khaotung is still in the hospital.'

It was then that his feelings of anger towards Khaotung dissipated in the wind, turning into so much worry that his persistent questions about why Khaotung was in the hospital were difficult for Podd to answer. In the end, First decided to end the call and left the school by bus to return home.


'He was beaten up by bar patrons, so last night I took him straight to the hospital and apparently he had to undergo treatment. I can't go straight to the hospital again today, I have to meet your father and do some billing until the evening. Lee and Gawin are on their way home.'

First was absolutely certain that the customer Podd was referring to was no ordinary bar patron. It must be someone who hired Khaotung.

"You can leave right away," First told his driver after he arrived at the hospital where Khaotung was being treated.

He tried his hardest to stop caring about Khaotung, but the sense of comfort he got from being with Khaotung made it hard for him to do that.
The angry feeling that First was giving Khaotung at that time was a form of disappointment and sadness, not hatred. because there were moments when First also missed him. Like today, for example.

Finally First arrived at the hospital room where Khaotung was being treated.
He first calmed his heart to see the condition of Khaotung who Podd said was quite severe, Khaotung even had problems in his internal organs, and last night complained that he couldn't sleep because of the pain he felt as if he was all over his body.


First opened the door of Khaotung's hospital room without knocking, then found the patient apparently eating hospital food while busy watching videos on his cell phone, First thought Khaotung was probably sleeping from being drugged or some other horrible thing; coma.

"Hahaha, so funny."

Khaotung then raised his head when he felt that the person who had come to his room was not approaching, and how surprised he was to see it was First. He thought it was Lee or not Gawin, because this time their things were left here.

"How did you know I was here?" Khaotung asked after swallowing the rice he was chewing.

"How did you get here?" Asked First back. Looking at that face, one side of his eye had swollen quite badly with a tear on the side. Not to mention his lips that had the same injury, several blue bruises on his cheeks and temples.

"Who did it?" Asked First again, Khaotung even had bruises on his knuckles. Like being stepped on several times to stop resistance.

"Where else are you hurt?"

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