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Change Your Sexual Orientation [ FirstKhaotung ] by akkayee
Change Your Sexual Orientation [ akkayee
On one side, the school heartthrob and tyrant, First, wishes to dispel the gossip regarding him being in a same sex relationship. On the other side, the academic prince...
sworn to be yours by AnnaMc688
sworn to be yoursby Anna Mc
first recently started to get anonymous love letters form a secret admirer, it's a secret he is hiding from everyone. even his sworn enemy khaotung who knows everything...
Let's, Fall In Love Again [ SandRay ] by akkayee
Let's, Fall In Love Again [ akkayee
Ray seriously doubted if he had read the astrology forecast when he went out today. He borrowed a fire in the bar but borrowed it from his ex-boyfriend. It is said that...
I'm sorry...for everything  by summerghost_05
I'm sorry...for everything by Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
How I would imagine things happen after ep 6 of only friends. ___ Nobody had ever loved him. Not his so called friends nor his father. Not even his own mother had ever t...
Hidden Feelings by JustanotherSOMFK
Hidden Feelingsby SOM FK
First discovers his love for his best friend of 5 years, Khaotung during the GMMTV 2023 Outing. He comes to understand that he has two options: give up or go all out. Ho...
I found you by summerghost_05
I found youby Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
Ayan is in a gang known for doing illegal graffiti at night. One night when he was running from the police he met Akk who helped him escape. Later Ayan finds out that Ak...
Bad Friend: 1. by Fknotkf
Bad Friend: Fknotkf
Just another Firskhao ><
Lovely Obsession  by harikarthikeyan
Lovely Obsession by Harikarthikeyan
First × Khaotung.. Love is beautiful till you don't feel same....
White roses turn red in blood by summerghost_05
White roses turn red in bloodby Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
The first time Gaipa was confronted with the Hanahaki disease was the day he had gotten rejected by his unrequited love, Uncle Jim, during their usual routine dinner. Ga...
Only You by idgaffdudee03
Only Youby notyrbabe
Cut scene from Only friends ep 6 4/4
FirstKhao oneshots by summerghost_05
FirstKhao oneshotsby Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
Some stories about everything with FirstKhao
The Heart Killers by summerghost_05
The Heart Killersby Billie🐈‍⬛🐈
Just some ideas I have before the series is coming out. I will probably also write some more oneshots while the series is running. This is all just my interpretation and...
Be My Romeo | FirstKhaotung by fori12331
Be My Romeo | FirstKhaotungby Firstttkhanapann
Khatoung thanawat, an actor of Thailand. mostly known as a BL actor. His acting partner First Khanapan with whom he made Three BL dramas. The Eclipse, Moonlight chickens...
Someone who I used to love by harikarthikeyan
Someone who I used to loveby Harikarthikeyan
Alan×Wen When someone who you want to love rest of your life fall out of love, but still not let you go. Alan: I Know it's me who asked...
My Two-faced Classmate [ AkkAyan ] by 1stktnw
My Two-faced Classmate [ AkkAyan ]by 1stktnw
"What? What was that? I saw my classmate in my dream. Am I a pervert? He is my crush but I think he is a little bit strange. He is a nerd but sometimes it feels lik...