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First and Khaotung's relationship got better and better.
First managed to get rid of the forbidden items given by Phayu, and also gave him a sizable amount of money. Don't know what the money was used for, but First would be ready to give him more if Phayu now wanted to blackmail him too.

While Khaotung wasn't told the obvious reason why First let Phayu beat him up, First wasn't told by Khaotung how Phayu rarely came to him nowadays.
Instead, First would see Khaotung come in with a battered face.

"You let yourself get beaten up to protect me?"

Khaotung chuckled with the cigarette between his fingers. "It's okay, im not. I'm his boxing teacher as well as his punching bag."

"That's my job," First replied.

At school, First forbade Khaotung to be intimate with him. He was afraid Phayu would find out that Khaotung worked as a bodyguard and make him even angrier.
But if it was like this outside school, First didn't bother, he let Khaotung roam around beside him.


"What?" First asked back then looked at the river below the bridge, both of them were on the bridge with First enjoying Khaotung's favorite canned drink.

"You let yourself be beaten by Phayu."

First then turned to Khaotung, it was not something Khaotung needed to know as a bodyguard.

"Should I be your friend to find out?"

First looked at Khaotung who laughed and then took another drag on his cigarette.
First and Khaotung were actually required to go to an extra school activity, but First who didn't want to go there decided to take a walk around the school area.

"Have your parents moved out of town?"

Khaotung nodded his head. "I'll stay here."

"It's hot today, huh? Want to swim in the river?" Khaotung said, pointing to the river below them.

"I don't do things like that."



First looked shocked to see Khaotung throwing himself into the river while still wearing his uniform, he only took off his shoes and bag at the riverbank.

"He must be crazy," First muttered as he watched Khaotung expertly swim in the river as if it was a normal thing for him.

"Are you sure you don't want to come here?"

First just looked at Khaotung with a bored look, then sat beside Khaotung's shoes still enjoying his drink.
First just asked Khaotung not to be a fish for too long, it was almost home time now.

"You're no fun," Khaotung replied and dived back into the river.

Khaotung didn't rise to the surface for quite some time, making First suddenly worried.
The river current was quite strong at the moment, and the depth of the river that First knew was quite deep from people.
First immediately got up from his seat to take a closer look at Khaotung's floating back but not his head.

"Hey, Khao!"


"Are you okay there?!"

Instead of answering, Khaotung raised one hand from the water and First took it as a signal for help.
He immediately let go of his bag and threw away his canned drink to dive into the river.

Hearing the sound of someone falling into the water, Khaotung immediately got up from his silly activities and saw how First swam over to him quickly.

"What are you doing? Do you want to swim too?"

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