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For a while Khaotung and First became strangers again. Both of them were angry with each other with their respective arguments that happened in that room.
Let alone looking at each other like before, First rarely even saw Khaotung in his seat.
The two sometimes met in the cafeteria or in the parking lot, obviously at home First could more often see Khaotung playing with Khanapan's employed including Podd.

It had also been a week since Phayu had not come to school, probably resting at home after being beaten up by Podd.
On that day, First went to Phayu's residence and offered to take him to the hospital, but as Phayu angrily refused First decided to buy him some medicine, and asked Phayu's friends to look after him.

First saw Phayu with his friends going to the school warehouse, and for the first time Phayu didn't call him to go there.
Again, First didn't see Khaotung in the classroom or in his seat.
First got scared if Khaotung went to see Phayu this time.
But just as he was about to go to the school warehouse to make sure, the bell rang loudly signaling that class had started.


First's suspicions and worries about Khaotung were true.
The boy was seen smiling at Phayu and his friends in the schoolhouse.
Phayu seemed to be still angry with the new fact that Khaotung was apparently First's bodyguard, it was only fitting that he was often disturbed by Khaotung's presence every time he was about to go beat up First.

"What do you want?" Phayu asked.

Khaotung looked briefly at Phayu's arm. "I'm sure Podd is really planning to destroy your arm. Don't you feel grateful that I stopped him?"

"Why should I?"

"Because otherwise you wouldn't be a boxer in the future," Khao replied and smiled.

Khaotung then asked Phayu to stop bothering First for his gratitude.
Of course Phayu was angry to hear that, he immediately grabbed the collar of Khaotung's uniform then asked again in a loud voice why he needed to feel grateful if Khaotung, Podd, and First were the ones who made his life ruined.

"You also destroyed First, don't you think so?" Khaotung asked.


Khaotung then released Phayu's grip from the collar of his uniform. "You sulked so far at the First out of what? Your anger over your mother's death?"


"Which isn't even First himself the murderer, your mother died because she wanted to!"

One punch Phayu gave Khaotung, seemingly not satisfied Phayu immediately grabbed back the collar of Khaotung's uniform and hit him once more.
But for the third time, Khaotung held Phayu's wrist.

"How dare you say that my mother's death was not the cause of the First family."

"There, First family." Khaotung was glad that Phayu was not too stupid for him to discuss even with such violence.

"When you asked for his help, did you ever know how difficult it is to be a son of Khanapan?
How difficult it is to grant your request when even his request is difficult for Khanapan to grant?"

Khaotung then said that he was indeed First's bodyguard, but  First asked him not to do anything to Phayu, even stopping him when First was being beaten up.

"But what should I do? It's my duty as his bodyguard."

"What do you want to say exactly?" Phayu lost his temper, the voice he let out sounded louder and louder. Or maybe his imind had just been opened by Khaotung about  First, that here he was not the only one hurt by Khanapan.

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