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First woke up from his sleep, he had slept on Khaotung's chest all night. After confirming that it was morning, First then turned back to Khaotung who was still sleeping with a soft snoring sound.
First smiled a little, then looked at Khaotung's body which was covered in his red marks.
Neck, shoulders, chest, stomach. Then, First moved his body backwards until the blanket covering both of them was carried away and revealed Khaotung's crotch, full of First's love marks.

First then lay back down on Khaotung's body, slowly kissing those dry lips. Not getting any reaction, First kissed those lips again but this time he used his tongue to force his way in.
In fact, First used his hand to press Khaotung's chin to get the lips to open.

Perhaps Khaotung was too tired to realize that he was being abused by First.
The only cloth covering his penis was now again removed down there by First, as well as his own underwear.
Even though Khaotung still hadn't moved, his body responded well to his stimulation.
The pink nipples hardened, as did Khaotung's penis which First was now playing with.

"Eunhh, Firsthh." Khaotung finally woke up, with his eyes still closed he tried to push the shoulder of First who was adding his love mark to Khaotung's neck.

"You don't have a normal way to wake me up?" Khaotung asked, still trying to get away from First. But since his waking energy was only so much First's stimulations made him even weaker.

"We have 30 minutes, Khao."

"No, I don't have it. Just you."

First smiled a little then kissed Khaotung's entire upper body making him squirm, ticklish but delicious.

"Khao, I pay double. Let me in, shall we?"

Khaotung then opened his eyes, and looked at First whose hair looked disheveled. Oh, there were also some of Khaotung's bite marks on First's neck and shoulders.

"Double?" Khaotung asked and wrapped both hands around First's neck. "Alright, Im mph."

First didn't let the time pass, he immediately returned to greedily devouring Khaotung's lips.
In fact, last night the two of them played for so long in the bathroom that First was worried that either Khaotung or himself would be sick the next morning.
But look at this morning, no one is sick, just their uncontrollable lust.

First got rid of the blanket, then slowly inserted his penis into Khaotung's pleasure hole.
During his return to the bar, Khaotung no longer accepted jobs where he had to serve in full. If not by hand, then Khaotung would satisfy his customers with his mouth.
It was like the rest of his body was devoted only to First.

"Can you do it slowly?"

First just smiled a little as his hips didn't slow down at all. He enjoyed how Khaotung's body beneath his shook from the movement of his hips.

"Firsthh, aaah." Khaotung looked frustrated underneath him.

"What? You're going to come out? That fast?" First then grabbed Khaotung's cock, helping to give it pleasure making Khaotung even crazier.

First also seemed to enjoy Khaotung's current frustration.
He loved every time he saw Khaotung like this, it was adorable because sometimes Khaotung would cry begging him to stop, like last night. He don't know how many times Khaotung orgasmed in the bathroom.

"Fuck, you fuckhh aaah."

Knock knock knock

Both of them immediately turned to the bedroom door.

Knock knock knock

"First? Are you awake? Dunk is waiting for you at the dining table."

The sound of his mother's voice calling out to First was heard.

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