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For the first time First came late to school, and Khaotung was already there after 2 hours and decided to go to class as First ordered.
His battered face was visible, but no one dared to ask what was wrong with him, even the homeroom teacher seemed reluctant to ask.
Khaotung again paid attention to First, he was curious why this kid let himself be trampled and when he wanted to help he was kicked out.

First turned his head to Khaotung as something was thrown onto his bench, it was the plaster that Khaotung had used on him a few days ago.
Only Khaotung's back was visible to First.
First sighed, he was actually lazy to use it but he also needed it, so First took it unwillingly and put it into the pocket of his school uniform coat.

"First? Your lunch is on the table."

First then came out of her room in more casual clothes.
As usual, First sat at his personal dining table and then went to look downstairs.
The bustling atmosphere never stopped, and every time he would meet a stranger. If it wasn't his father's clients then his new henchmen.

As Lee and his friends came into his father's room, First watched them then stopped chewing as Lee brought Khaotung.
Again, Khaotung and First locked eyes.

"Why is he here?" First asked.

Khaotung had come as ordered by Khanapan, it was his first day on the job so Khanapan was curious as to how Khaotung was progressing in wanting to be First's bodyguard.

"He not only told you to leave but also hit you?"

Khanapan nodded his head, then Khaotung had no other choice but to prepare his organs healthier from now on.

"I still have 6 days to prove that he will want me to escort him, don't rush to kill me," Khaotung replied.

"Alright, do whatever you think is good."

Khaotung did not leave right away even though he was allowed to.
Lee had also called him several times to get him out of Khanapan's room.

"Did you ever ask him why he didn't want to be escorted?"

"Of course I did, maybe he was embarrassed."

After getting that answer Khaotung finally wanted to be taken away by Lee, but when he opened the door, First was standing in front of the door.

"Do you want to see your father?" Lee asked.

But First's sharp gaze was only on Khaotung, his footsteps went into the room without answering Lee's question.

"You'll be dead in six days, you idiot. Why did you choose to be his bodyguard?"

"Because we are the same age, I thought it would be easy to control him," Khaotung replied.


"He's my classmate."

Khanapan raised his head then looked at First with one eyebrow raised. "But he said that you don't know each other."

"We barely spoke to each other for two years, and he started talking to me because you hired him as my bodyguard," Jawa First.

"I'm not comfortable with his suddenly being that familiar, get him out."

Khanapan sighed, knowing that First would come to him in a bad mood like this.
Once again, Khanapan advised First to fight back if bullied so he wouldn't have to encourage someone to keep an eye on him at school.

"But after all, he offered to be your bodyguard."

The current First looked confused as to how Khaotung could choose to be associated with his father's dirty business.

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