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Thanawat's family owed Khanapan's family a huge debt. Decades passed, but they still couldn't pay. Each month the interest continues to rise and the income decreases.
It was common for Khaotung (the only child) to see his parents battered when he returned from school.

"Your lunch is on the table," the mother said and lit the cigarette in her mouth.

Without saying anything Khaotung went to the kitchen to eat lunch.
The house was very small, so when Khaotung ate he could see his parents smoking and talking about debts.

They said they would die if they got beaten up again next week because they didn't have the money to pay the Khanapan family.
It wasn't like they weren't trying, but maybe it was because they were notorious for being in debt. So, no one wanted to help.

"We have to move too, it's been almost a month here."

Because of the lack of money, Thanawat's family always moved out of the rental housing after a month, the time after paying on the first day of stay.
The two would live on the streets and Khaotung usually had a place to stay alone.

"There are no more things we can sell, most of them were damaged by Mr. Khanapan's employee."

Khanapan and Khanapan, of all the loan sharks who came to the house, Khanapan was the most ruthless.

After lunch, Khaotung went to his room to sleep with his headset over his ears.

Khaotung was not a smart student, in fact, he seemed lazy to study but it was good that he still wanted to go to school even if it was just to sleep during class time.
His class is very backward, in many ways including the attendance of the students. So yes the homeroom teacher was very happy that Khaotung who was among the worst students still wanted to go to school in the hour before the bell rang.

"Everyone in class? Let me take attendance first."

Khaotung listened to his teacher say the students' names like he was listening to a storyteller, making him sleepy until he decided to close his eyes on the bench on a morning like this.

"First Khanapan."

Khaotung opened his eyes again and straightened up, then his head turned to the side of the bench and found that his classmate had just lowered his hand after showing his presence to the homeroom teacher.
Feeling noticed, the student named First then also turned to Khaotung.
The two stared at each other for a long time until First broke the stare by taking out his textbook, while Khaotung chose to go back to sleep with his back to First.


Khaotung knew who First Khanapan was, from his last name alone there was no way Khaotung wouldn't know. Right?
But, he previously didn't care about First or the debt problem that strangled his parents.
After 5 days from the last time the Khanapan family's employed  came to the house, Khaotung began to notice First.

"Hit me, sissy."

"Or do you want to feel my dick instead?"

A bad school with bad students, Khaotung was not surprised because he also came to school to sleep and avoid the unhealthy home environment, yes even though the school environment was equally unhealthy.
While enjoying his drink from the second floor, Khaotung noticed how First just kept quiet when two of the five students kept hitting him and even harassing him using obscene words.

According to Khaotung, First could have reported the one-off incident to his parents. Khanapan's men could have beaten those bastards up just like how his parents were beaten up. But maybe First was afraid it wouldn't work to stop them from bullying him? Because from Khaotung's vision, those kids were like the spawn of Khanapan's employed.

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