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Korn had just slammed Khaotung onto the mattress, Khaotung was currently not wearing a top. After that, Korn immediately covered him and resumed the hot kiss. Khaotung did not remain silent, his hands moved to unbutton Korn's shirt in a hurry.

"Ahh, don't leave any traces." Khaotung did not want  First to know that he had just slept with someone else.

But Korn was stubborn, he held back both of Khaotung's hands that were about to prevent him from making some marks on the neck.

At the same time, First had arrived at the bar on Podd's motorcycle. His long footsteps immediately entered the bar and jostled with other patrons.

"Khaotung is here, right? Tell me where he is now."

Khaotung's former coworker looked confused by the arrival of First whose angry aura made Khaotung's coworker a little frightened. He immediately pointed to the floor of the bar's inpatient room, where Khaotung had met him earlier to ask for condoms.

First immediately continued his footsteps to the second floor, he was visibly angry when Phayu told him that Khaotung might have gone to the bar to meet with debt collectors outside Khanapan.

By now Korn had managed to leave his mark on Khaotung's neck and chest, now he was preparing to remove his belt and pants in front of Khaotung's face.


Khaotung and Korn immediately turned around when they saw First enter the room with the spare key.
The bar owner apparently recognized First as Khanapan's son and he didn't want his bar to be in trouble if it didn't help First find Khaotung's whereabouts.

"Motherfucker, what are you doing?"

Korn got off Khaotung's half-naked body and walked over to First.
Before he could say anything to repel the First. First first punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor.

As if not satisfied, First then sat on Korn's stomach and beat him blindly.
Khaotung immediately got up from the bed and tried to pull First away.

"First! Stop it!" Khaotung shouted as he tried to pull First's arm.

But First immediately brushed him off and continued beating Korn until the man fainted with blood on his face.

"Are you going to kill him?!" Khaotung got up from his fall after being swatted away and pushed quite hard by First earlier.

Khaotung finally retaliated by pushing First back away from Korn's body.
Khaotung immediately confirmed Korn's condition, he was afraid that this old man would die at the hands of First.

First still seemed angry with Khaotung's behavior, as his rapid breathing and flushed face could no longer contain his anger.

"Put your clothes on."

Khaotung then got up from his squat and turned to face First. He was grateful that Korn was only unconscious at the moment.

"Where did you-"

"Put on your clothes."

Khaotung looked at First who looked different this time.

"I can explain."

First then grabbed Khaotung by the neck and pushed him against the wall.
First was angry that Khaotung lied to Podd using Phayu's name, he also dared to go to the bar again without his knowledge and the fact that Khaotung used his body to pay off debts made First even angrier.

"I'm trying to change you for the better, why are you so happy to be humiliated by others?"

"How much money do you want? I have it all and you just need to say it!"

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