Skeleton in the closet

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It had been a week after Izuku made his presence known to the entire world by setting the Aldera School building on fire. The police had been trying to investigate the cause of the fire but they haven't found a single piece of evidence, but they all knew that it was the work of Izuku Midoriya also known as Moonknight.

The public was looking at the news of the fire in the Aldera and most of the community and the public didn't show it, but they were glad that the school had been burned down knowing that it was nothing but a trash pool filled with rotten kids and shitty teachers.

The parents of the so called children were all crying after finding out that their children or better known as tormentors of a kid were killed in the fire. One of them even filed a complaint that demanded that Izuku Yagi is to be arrested and faced the proper justice, that he had no right to play judge and jury of the people as however he pleased. But a handful of communities people who supported Izuku's crusade were having a protest saying that all Izuku did was cleanse the evil in the world. Saying that the heroes didn't have what it takes.

Meanwhile, the heroes were all short-handed and they didn't have the necessary resource to conduct an investigation since either they were too scared or didn't have what it takes. They didn't have the backing of HPSC or madam president to conduct a proper investigation and didn't have the resources to do the work. So the few selected heroes had formed their own independent investigation team filled with heroes that Nezu had selected not because of their ability or rank, but because of how dedicated they are as a hero. He refuse to invite any hero that only want to become a hero for profit or fame and he tried to keep his team clean from any of that.

He chooses to gather them in the UA conference room along with the rest of the staff while discussing their latest news about the Izuku Yagi case.

"So I guess everyone is already here then?" Fatgum said to the principal who was sitting at the end of the table.

"Yes, everyone is already here so let's start with today's agenda," Nezu said as he pressed a remote that display an image of Moonknight making his declaration.

"In the last week, Izuku Midoriya or previously known as Izuku Yagi made a shocking revelation regarding the truth of his family and his friend's action that last for ten years

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"In the last week, Izuku Midoriya or previously known as Izuku Yagi made a shocking revelation regarding the truth of his family and his friend's action that last for ten years." Nezu said, "He revealed to the entire world that the HPSC had participated to cover up his death along with the crimes of his parent's neglect under wraps and the U.A  girls students involved in a rap case."

"And after that, he announces that he had made a declaration of war against our hero society and whole Japan," Nezu explained.

"Almost thirty percent of Japan's population is supporting his cause. Saying that he's more of a hero than we are." Mic told about the news that he heard from the local hero.

"They can't actually agree with this lunatic." Snake head heroine said looked at the mohawk hero with shock and anger on her face.

"He managed to kill that villain in Kamino. The one that All Might said is called All For One who claimed to be his nemesis. He exposed the crimes of the HPSC in mere a day and their corruption. His record of destroying all of the criminal organizations has been made public. From where the public could see it, he's a hero." Aizawa rubs his nose bridge knowing that this kind of attention isn't what they needed right now.

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