The Reality and Katsuki Training

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It's late at night, and most of the class 1A isn't feeling like their usual self after the briefing. After everyone unpacked and being giving a quick overview of their dorm room, they were sitting on the sofa in the common room while some others were staying in their room and don't want to come out at all. They're all contemplating what's about to happen to them. They were all tense, they didn't know what to say or do.

Izuku is alive, and he's coming after them.

The very thought of that is enough to send shivers down their backs. It was a living reminder of what they did and what he did in return.

Everyone went silent. All of them began to remember all of the bad deeds that they have done to him in the last ten years and they began to feel the noose on their neck getting tighter with every second.

KAMANARI [the insult of pikachu]

Where are the others? 

The idiot asked trying to defuse the tension.

LIDA [The sonic ripoff]

Momo stayed in her room, she didn't want to come down as she is busy with her work and Sero, Mineta, and Aoyama are still unpacked

 Iida inform them while the others were feeling all stressed up.

KIRISHIMA [The unmanliest man in the world according to social media]

So, what now? 

He asked and he met with silence not knowing what to answer.


I-I don't know. I meant it's hard to believe it even at this point.

 Shoto said with both of his hands on his head trying to grasp the situation.


Izuku is alive and he's coming after us. It's not that hard to believe. 

She replied while sitting on the sofa. She's been shaking after learning about their current predicament.


Still, what should we do, I meant maybe we can- 

The idiot tried to come up with a plan only to get shut down.


And what could we do, huh? My brother's already gone, UA isn't playing around anymore dunce's face.

Katsumi half shouted while sitting on the sofa looking at him.


Don't say that. I meant you still have your parents and sister at home right?" 

she pats her back trying to reassure her.


My situation wasn't any different either. After the big reveal, they told me to pack my bags and get out of the house, saying that they were disappointed in having me as their child. 

Katsumi sobbed while trying to wipe the tears from her eyes,

 My parents practically disown me as well, all because they were too ashamed of having me as their children because they don't look at me or my brother as their own and see my little sister as their only daughter.


It's okay Katsumi. 

The bitch rubs her shoulder trying to calm her down.


No, it's not, everything is our fault you know!! I'm his goddamn sister, I should have known better than to agree with my brother for bullying Izuku in the first place. He's already lost his father about a year before the quirk test and we as his friends just turned our backs and bullied him in the first place. 

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