Facing their demons and Izuku rage

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Izumi P.O.V

Here we see others izuku and his past tormenters waiting as somehow momo has got izuku grave location as others were there as well

So they all just waited in front of the gate patiently waiting for her to come so they could enter the park together. All of them were joining here except for Katsuki who said that he had better things to do and didn't want to waste his time on something useless.

"How long are we supposed to wait here?" Kaminari groans while slouching near the wall.

"Oh quiet you, she said she will be here so we wait till she's arrived," Katsumi said while looking left and right to spot her.

"It's hot in here. I'm literally sweating my ass off." Kaminari complains as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.

"Quit acting like a baby would you? It's not that hot you know." Jirou said while wearing a sunhat.

They kept waiting there for a while with their backs touching the wall and Sero decided to ask them a question to pass the time while feeling a little curious as well.

"Guys, I've been meaning to ask this for a long time, but what's actually happening to Yaoyorozu? I mean she's been depressed for a long time, not that we haven't been... but it seems that she's taking this the hardest among all of us." Sero asked the group hoping to get some answer.

"Yeah I've been wondering too, she seems to be talking to us even less than usual. She doesn't pay attention much in class. It's like she's blaming herself." Mina said while remembering her friends in a classroom with a gloomy expression.

"That's because she is..." Katsumi answered, which is kinda surprising to the group a little.

"Look... I'm only gonna tell you guys what I've known alright? So don't expect a lot of information from me, okay." She said while exhaling air for a bit before she tells them.

"Back when we were little, my mom used to tell me stories. She used to tell me that Auntie Inko and Momo's parents have been friends since high school. They were very close and it's almost making my mom feel a little jealous of their friendship. They were inseparable, as my mom said about it" Katsumi explained.

"Mr. Yagi and Momo's parents were friends?" Jirou asked while the rest of them listened closely.

"His old man died in the line of duty when he was three years old. So he and Izumi weren't exactly siblings by blood despite how similar they might look." Katsumi explained further.

"You said he was killed in a line of duty, is he a police officer or maybe a firefighter?" Sero asked her.

"No, he's a pro hero based on what my mom used to tell me," Katsumi said.

 "he's the pro who's known as the Dragon Hero, Salamander," Izumi answered and the rest of the group was shocked

The hero Salamander was a legend in Japan. He's the previous number 4 hero in the Japan Hero and number 19 in the top Global Hero. Anyone in Japan had to know him, as he was a legend and to be said the next person who's close to being the next number one hero after All Might.

They never heard him mention anything about having a family let alone a son. And now here they are, hearing that their friend was the son of that legendary hero. None of them could mutter a word after hearing the information.

 As they were finished talking, they could see Momo walking toward them from sideways. She carries a bouquet filled with roses in her right hand while shaking her legs with each step that she took

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