Katsuki Torture

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Izumi along with the others was sitting at their respective desk while trying to process what just happened. About her brother being alive and the mysterious Burning Man that's been killing people, and how he went to Kamino and fight her father and All For One, and how he burned him in public just like Stain.

She spilled all this out muttering for hours as she still can't believe that both of them are alive.

As she spoke, horror finally spilled on everyone's faces. Uraraka with her hands on her mouth, Jiro painfully still, Shoka with tears in her eyes, Kaminari who's shaking and his mouth wide open, and even Koda who rarely speak is also silently wording swears.

When she finished talking, a heavy silence fell on the room. No one could speak even if they wanted to. The shock was too much for them. His death already came as a shock a year ago and it's like reopening an old wound. It came back to hit them, as they remember grieving about with before continuing with their daily life.

Kamanari decided to break the silence. "How?" he body stiff losing all his strength "We saw his body at the alley then how the hell is he still alive?"

"I-I don't know they just said he is alive" Izumi mutters

"Fuck you" Katsumi mutters under her breath.

"Maybe it is a hallucination" Kamanari said bring out his theory "He can't be alive dek/ sorry I mean izuku is dead izumi he can't be alive"

"Yeah I mean our parents saw his body in the funeral for godsack" Urakata hoe said terrified beyond belief.

"I don't think it's a trick" Shoto said

"When mr.yagi was attacked by him he called him son." Shoto said

"And after that rescue operation we were called here immediately and we were didn't informed about anything and our teachers are not agreeing to tell us anything as well" Shoto said finishing the explanation.

"But to think that he is still alive" Mina mutters

"For god sake you guys, he had an open casket funeral that day." Kaminari's voice erupted throughout the entire class.

As all of them are discussing this thing momo was sitting on her desk reading a book as she saw izuku that day he is alive her old best friend and lover is alive. She knew that izuku will not forgive her as she will accept any punishment he will give to her as she wanted to see his smile that shine like brightness and him calling her name out as she didn't care about it.

While they continued to debate about it, Jirou heard a sound of steps coming down from the hall and told them about it.

"Guys, someone's coming," she told them and soon everyone was quiet trying to listen to the tapping sound.

"Maybe it's dad, I'm gonna check on it." Izumi runs toward the door trying to find out who's there.

"Izumi wait," Shoto warned her.

Izumi ignored the call as she wanted to know who is there behind the door and get some sort of explaination about what the hell is going on and what happened to her brother.

Then the door was opened and Izumi saw someone standing there, and she was shocked with both of her eyes bulging and her heart dropped to her stomach. Izumi barely managed to whimper, but the name tumbled out of her mouth.

 Izumi barely managed to whimper, but the name tumbled out of her mouth

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