Chaos at USJ and meeting the sidekicks of new batman

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Third party P.O.V

It was Tuesday and class 1A was already sitting in a bus while heading to USJ. They chatted, gossiped, and played a little game while waiting to get there. The bus is filled with many talking, much to Aizawa's displeasure as he was trying to get some sleep. While a certain male pomeranian dog and a short green-haired girl sitting in the back were not joining the conversation at all. They just sit in a pregnant silence while not looking at each other.

After 20 minutes, they finally arrived at a large dome in front of them with a large staircase leading to a likewise large door with the letter USJ on the front of the dome. The class looked at the building in awe while Aizawa sensei told him to stop wasting time and move on.

When the doors opened, the group was met with the Space Hero: Thirteen. The students began to gather around as she began to explain the true purpose of this training and why rescue training is very important. She also explains the importance of using your quirks with caution which the class internally agreed on as they could cause harm to others.

"Alright, now let's begin with what we'll be doing-" Aizawa began to explain but stopped talking as the lights began to flicker and shut down completely. And suddenly Kirishima spoke to him.

"Woah, you have fake villains as well. That's so cool." Kirishima commented while showing his toothy teeth.

Aizawa looked in the direction Kirishima pointed and suddenly a purple mist appeared in the middle. Several people began to step out, and by the looks of it, they weren't friendly, especially the hand-man villain that gives him an ominous aura.

"No! Those are real villains." Aizawa shouted as the rest of the students panicked. 

"Thirteen, protect the student!" He shouted, before going downstairs to face the villains.

"Kids, this way. Hurry!" Thirteen shouted as she pointed to the entrance telling them to escape.


"For god sake, will you set your ego aside for a while? Look at those numbers, there's no way you could beat them by yourself." Kaminari yelled at the pomeranian.


"We don't have time for this." Kirishima immediately lifted Bakugou and put him on his shoulder like a potato sack.

"Get off me shitty hair. I'm gonna beat those villains!!" Katsuki grunts as he is being lifted to make a getaway.

They were about to reach the door when suddenly the mist villain appeared in front of them, blocking the gate.

"Greetings, we are the League of Villains. I apologize for intruding unannounced but we have invited ourselves to kill the symbol of peace, All Might himself." the mist villain explained.

"He should be here, right? So where is he? Or is there a change of schedule perhaps?" the mist villain said.

All of the sudden, Katsuki, Kirishima, and Izumi all went charging at the villain. Katsuki aimed an explosion at his face, while Kirishima readied to punch him on the right side, and Izumi charged her quirk to hit him on his left side. But all three of their attacks missed and did not hit the villain at all.

"Impressive, for being a student. As expected from this generation's golden eggs." the mist villain comments on their futile attempt.

"Everyone, get back, BLACKHOLE" Thirteen shouted as a cap on her finger popped off, and sucked everything.

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