Secrets and truth revealed

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"You want me to what?!" Nezu shouted from his desk while staring at Toshinori in front of him.

In his time as a principal for one of the best hero schools in Japan, he had never heard such a ridiculous request coming from someone. This wasn't something that he had expected in all of his life. He stared intensely at the man standing in front of him as if he was ready to jump from his desk and scratch his face.

After Toshinori had entered the room asking for a meeting between them, he was a bit reluctant but he decide to comply and hear him out. But after he listen to his request, he was hoping that he rejected the meeting before it even started.

"I dare you to say it again Toshinori. Come on I dare you!!" Nezu shouted at the top of his lung while ready to explode and scratch his fucking face.

"I-I need to see my son's body. I need to confirm whether his body is real or not." Toshinori said in a shaky voice using his idiotic brain.

"And why do you need to see his body, if I may ask," Nezu asked looking for an explanation.

Toshinori was sweating a bit after being asked for an explanation. He knows that no matter what, the principal gonna need some explanation and he won't comply with his request without it. He didn't want to sound crazy but he needs to confirm whether his son is actually alive or not.

"I just want to see it, please Nezu I can't explain it-" Toshinori said but he was cut off by Nezu.

"So you wake up in the morning, and suddenly you had the urge to see your son's body in his grave like it's a normal thing. DID YOUR PARENT DROP YOU OFF WHEN YOU WERE A BABY TOSHINORI, OR ARE YOU ALWAYS THIS BRAINDEAD?" Nezu shouted right at the man who was five times the size of him.

"Please Nezu, it's complicated," Toshinori told him.

"Well, I'm all ears Toshinori." Nezu sarcastically said.

As he decided to tell him what the mutt sorry katsuki bakugo has told him


Katsuki was currently sitting in a sofa chair in a middle of an office. He glanced around the room while flickering his eyes from one way to another. He was currently sitting in the office of Might Tower with Toshinori Yagi, who is also known as All Might.

It's been near to two months since the Sports Festival ended and he kept seeing Deku's ghost in his life no matter where he go. He keeps seeing him in his room or in his house or in his classroom or during one of his training. He kept rambling about telling him that he wasn't a hero at all and that he was better to be put down like the dog he is or just appearing and trying to mess with his head and get him in the trouble.

At first, he just brushed it off thinking that Pony tail beating might be giving him a concussion or something. But he never did recover and his ghost keep appearing in his head over and over again. His mind is starting to lose and sometimes he gets a bit paranoid while kept looking at his back over time.

He clenched his fist as he stared at the floor, he didn't know who else to come to and see that his parents weren't the first option considering their relationship, his next best option is going to his friend's father, who also happens to be the father of his hallucination ghost.

It took him about fifteen minutes to explain what happened to Katsuki as he told him everything from when he appeared in the infirmary at the Sports Festival when he woke up, during the train ride for his internship, his encounter at Best Jeanist agency, where he punches him in the face on the gym, and during his final test when he suggested to abandon Izumi and go straight attack him all to prove that he was the best.

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