Izuku's And Hisashi Rage

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After the interrogation between Izuku, Hizashi and the president has come to an end. She immediately called everyone who knows about the case, from the entire UA staff, All Might, Viridian Storm, Endeavour and his wife, Gran Torino, Nighteye and his sidekicks, Detective Tsukauchi, the police chief, and a few higher-ups from the HPSC to meet at the conference room in the police station.

The atmosphere in the conference room wasn't pleasant and felt like they were standing at a funeral Place. None of them could believe the information that they just received on their way here. Izuku Yagi sorry Midoriya who's the son of All Might and Viridian Storm, the number one and number sixteen hero that was pronounced dead a year ago is actually alive and just killed the Symbol of Evil in front of a live camera for thousands of people to see.

Toshinori is sitting on a chair trying to collect himself after his sudden fainting with his wife is on his side trying to calm him. Gran Torino is standing on the side of the wall with a dreadful expression and stayed silent since the interrogation has started. Almost everyone in the room didn't feel that this conversation is not gonna be pleasant for anyone.

Then after the president had entered the room, she began to address the situation.

"Madam president, what's happening?" the chief asked with a serious tone.

She took a moment of relief before telling everything.

"It has came to my attention that Mr. Knight had demanded a few certain things in exchange for not leaking top secret information that threatens Japan nation's security." almost everyone's jaw nearly dropped hearing that.

"What?" all of them shouted.

"My son would never threaten anyone." Toshinori declared loudly.

"Madam president, We can't possibly consider this. We're not following a demand from a Vigilante who had almost killed every criminals in other countries and a terrorist who had killed the hero killer." the man in the black suit from HPSC looking at her thinking that she's gone mental.

"Right now our Japan safety is most important, and as much as I hate to admit it. We need to consider taking this deal in order to find a civil way to solve this matter," she said while closing her eyes and accepting the situation.

As izuku has reminded her of a certain vigilante she had meet when she was newly elected as hero commission president.

Flashback start

Here we see Madam president in her office doing her paperwork as her bodyguards are constantly guarding her as suddenly the light started flickering when suddenly a person passed from her behind when she saw there was no one.

When she said

"Guards go check the electrical department and see what's the issue with light" She said as they both got to the electrical room as the lights went off and suddenly she heard

"AAAAAHHHHH" Her bodyguard shouted as he was dragged into darkness.

Then suddenly someone came to her bodyguard in a bat and took him away

As we saw him suddenly appear in front of her as she was scared to see a person in a bat suit as she asked in broken voice

"W-who are you" She asked as she pressed a emergency button on her desk to call lady nagant

"W-who are you" She asked as she pressed a emergency button on her desk to call lady nagant

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