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The mechanic (Old Version) by WolfSama8
The mechanic (Old Version)by Wolf Sama
This is the old version of my story the new and rewriting versions are separated into 4 books with book number 4 being the current one. So if you want a story with pictu...
Hero of Hyrule by Binge_Gamer
Hero of Hyruleby binge
A betrayed Champion returns home.
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknight by AtharvaMishra0
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknightby Atharva Mishra
I will not describe the story much you will understand by reading it.
Trust is a Meaningless Word by WhenzleyValenzuelaCo
Trust is a Meaningless Wordby FDWCOLLADO
Being betrayed is something that people wish didn't want to experience unfortunatly for Izuku Yagi he was been framed by the LOV for stealing some files in UA which he...
DIPS! He's mine! (not the usual chat fic) by Chimera_Regarion
DIPS! He's mine! (not the usual Chimera_Regarion
Thanks to the boredom of a certain villain, he decided to infiltrate class 1A's group chat. Little did he know that he would find out something about the cinnamon roll o...
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x Advanced Warfare x Resident Evil x Nikke) by FernandoMirandilla
Atlas: Betrayed CEO Deku (MHA x UNICORN1137
Izuku Midorya was betrayed by his friends, teachers, and All Might. Some of them believed he was innocent until the unknown arrived as a rescuer of the private army. And...
(fem Izuku betrayed) angel among villians by BigBoyAizen125
(fem Izuku betrayed) angel among Plan-et
Izuku Midoryia went to UA and she became one of the best in her class but one day her boyfriend betrayed her for her new friend, Ochako Uruaka. It broke Izuku but to mak...
Hilt Quirk Saga by fanchristpo
Hilt Quirk Sagaby fanchrist po
izuku yagi was a happy child until it was shatter, izuku was confirmed quirkless and he was neglected and bullied, withing all of that pain, izuku is still smilling and...
Successor of the Seven Deadly Sins [Betrayed Deku] by PixelizedReader
Successor of the Seven Deadly Tchevo Blyat
Izuku Midoriya, ninth holder of One For All is framed by the League of Villains' Himiko Toga for stealing U.A files and information on the teachers and students. After b...
Raikon  by Zues935
Raikon by Crocadoodledoo
Izuku midoriya was having a great life he got new friends he got a quirk and more importantly he got a new father figure/mentor but what happens when he is framed and e...
(Completed)The Betrayed Marksman by ARC655
(Completed)The Betrayed Marksmanby ARCERET
Izuku is framed for stealing files and the murder of innocents. He is sent to CAS - 31 a high-tech prison which holds the worst of the world's villains. What happens whe...
Betrayed President Deku (MHA x COD Ghost x Goddess of victory: Nikke) by FernandoMirandilla
Betrayed President Deku (MHA x UNICORN1137
Izuku Midorya was betrayed by Class 1A and the UA staff. Deku was arrested and heading to Tartarus, but not today someone comes to save him. No one noticed Izuku is the...
THE INK HERO  by Usher300
THE INK HERO by katashi d one
He was fraimed and sent to most dangerous place in Japan
the framed soldier by Nightfighter45
the framed soldierby Nightfighter45
Izuku Yagi a boy born quirkless but given a chance to be a hero by his dad All Might but was framed for being the U.A. traitor and having everything he worked years for...
|Everything change because of you||m!oc x Izuku||Complete| by Natis_Chran
|Everything change because of you| Xx×Devi×xX
his friends talking bad behind him... his boyfriend cheat on him... one day.. {read to find out what happened dear 🤫} {Stop reading this book 💀 it's shitty as fuck 💀...
the fallen hero of hope - my hero academia X fnf (big brother mod)  by divhaneya
the fallen hero of hope - my •°the.ruby°•
principal nezu want izuku yagi to be her experiment as the traitor for the test, so the teacher expect all might, midnight, mt lady tell everyone that izuku is the trait...
The Framed Villain by Enruunna_Moon
The Framed Villainby 🙃 Enruunna Moon🙃
Izuku is framed of being the U.A. traitor and expelled. He becomes what they thought he was, but gets caught and sent to U.A. rehab. With his homies Toga and Dabi. Wh...
Betrayed(framed Izuku) by TheBrokenFiend
Betrayed(framed Izuku)by The fiend
Izuku is framed for a crime he never did. Now his only hope is the tournament of prisoners. The winner has the chance to be released from jail. He is trained in the jail...
Betrayed Deku Done Right (MHAxUnOrdinary) by SearedCola
Betrayed Deku Done Right ( ColaMan
This story is inspired by my own annoyance with betrayed Deku stories that are always the goddamn same, and me reading Cipher_301's announcement of them complaining abou...
Betrayed Izuku by LemonAiden
Betrayed Izukuby LemonStories
Izuku maintains a happy balance in his life as he continues his journey to become a Hero, however on one fateful day everything changes. Betrayed Izuku's story.