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Izuku: The Successor Of Gogeta [Completed] by JasonFroster
Izuku: The Successor Of Gogeta [Co...by Just a person with a rocket l...
Izuku friend decided to pull a prank on him they all decided that they will roast midoriya and talk shit about him which everyones agree to and Izuku will get expelled i...
Bakudeku Omegaverse by daydreamagic
Bakudeku Omegaverseby daydreamagic
Dekus' mum died when he was three years old. How will his dad handle finding out he's an omega. warning- mentions of abuse, homophobia, neglect, r*pe, kidnapping,suicid...
The Lost Gods - middle name AU by ShadowFox1346
The Lost Gods - middle name AUby Fable Fox
This story is set in a world where power depends on a name. A name you're not given by your parents, a name that defines your power. A name that has built a new society...
The Jump by Ridney7277
The Jumpby Ridney7277
Izuku Midoriya was a class 1-A student at UA high, he then gets framed for stealing some files, and everything changes. He gets beaten by his classmates, forced to retur...
MHA: The Glitch Vigilante by Delusion10
MHA: The Glitch Vigilanteby Delusion10
Everyone said that Izuku Yagi could never be a hero without a quirk. Since he was 4 and deemed quirkless, Izuku's parents: Inko Yagi & Toshinori Yagi AKA Psy-Storm & All...
Izuku 'the blade' midoriya by CresentMoon69
Izuku 'the blade' midoriyaby CrescentMoon69
Izuku was framed for being the UA traitor at the USJ and was sent to Tartarus for life. He was betrayed by everyone and everything. He shut himself out from the world, a...
Only I level up! A solo leveling x my hero academia story by piano2099
Only I level up! A solo leveling x...by Ghost Rider
Follow the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a powerless kid trying to make his way to the top in a world full of hunters and heroes, while taking care of his sister. What...
Please Don't Go (Book 1 + 2) by Everyones_Wife
Please Don't Go (Book 1 + 2)by ❦𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕐/ℕ❦
Omegaverse AU Izuku Midoriya A young boy whose cursed to forever be alone. At least that's what he believes. Everyone he's ever loved eventually leaves him. Abandoned...
I am USAGI! (UA Hero/Villain Civil War Game) by Chimera_Regarion
I am USAGI! (UA Hero/Villain Civil...by Chimera_Regarion
What happens when Aizawa realizes that one of his first year hero students was hiding his true potential? What will happen when he finds out that his own Class is mockin...
Yes sir! by minime1391
Yes sir!by Sir Devan✨
Izuku was abandoned at a military base when he was a few weeks old. The General of said army base took him in and raised him to be a soldier. After joining a secret mili...
The hidden power of humans by Tozzom
The hidden power of humansby Tozzom
izuku as a quirkless kid comes across a book which holds all martial arts that was hidden over time
Insecure Misfits (IzuJiro) by KyokaJiroChan
Insecure Misfits (IzuJiro)by Kyoka-Jiro chan
Izuku Midoriya was a boy with bushy green hair of 16 years said to be quirkless. He had been bullied his whole life by Denki and Katsuki Bakugo starting from the age of...
Pokemon Hero: Dekiru! (Up for Adoption) by OwlyPersona125
Pokemon Hero: Dekiru! (Up for Adop...by OwlyPersona125
What if Midoriya had a bunch of pokemon cards? What if Midoriya got his quirk when Bakugou was bullying that other kid? What if, when touching a pokemon card, gets the p...
The Roar of the Three Princes by HydroContella
The Roar of the Three Princesby Hydro Contella
Midoriya Izuku, Bakugo Katsuki, and Todoroki Shoto were kidnapped when they were four thanks to their quirks and their background. As the son of the multi-millionaire...
Son of All For One by optimus_prime71
Son of All For Oneby My name is
This is a fanfic of extremely op izuku I do not own bnha
The Super Sexy Hero: Izuku Sparda (Hiatus) by Thedankcowboy
The Super Sexy Hero: Izuku Sparda...by Thedankcowboy
Izuku Yagi was bullied and made fun of at a young age because he lacked something that most people had; a quirk. All Izuku ever wanted was to become a hero, but maybe ce...
The Neglected Son: Izuku Yagi by AbyssHunterJ
The Neglected Son: Izuku Yagiby Dark FlameMaster
Other kids thought that being a child of the Number One Hero would be great, but no thats not what izuku has gone through. "Neglected" "Bullied" &quo...
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X SAO) by Scalax102
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X...by Scalax102
This isn't Yaoi, It's Izuku x Asuna cause... Yeah. Adoption of Yui and Eri. He has siblings! Right... forgot about that. Izumi Midoriya is his sister, Toshinori Yagi is...
The op cook by ascendergrey
The op cookby Crocadoodledoo
Izuku midoriya has a very powerful quirk, it allows him to control lightning and anything related to it, it also lets his body grow strong to insane amounts that its on...
The City of Bakudoriya by lilow25
The City of Bakudoriyaby Lily ✌🏾
In this AU Midoriya is born with a very strong quirk and Bakugo is nice person... to Izuku and Inko but everyone else he's just normal. Description: Izuku Midoriya, a bo...