Arkham Camp Training

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- Bakugo's Quarters [Arkham Facility] -

"Man, I can never get tired of these Training

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"Man, I can never get tired of these Training." Katsuki stated as he entered his room. He had just finished his training for the day and took the evening to harden his kills at the shooting range, Katsuki missed the smell of freshly burnt gunpowder after his time with Dusan's. Once he was done his had his dinner in the cafetaria. It's been a day since Katsuki has returned from training with Dusan Al Ghul in the mountains, upon his arrival Slade daughter gave him a welcoming hug at his return as he blushed by the hug as Slade was giving him a sting eye as it.

Slade entered Katsuki's room With a heavy sigh Slade knew that Moonknight still held a grasp on Katsuki but putting that aside for now he moved back to what he came for in the first place. "Katsuki, I came to remind you of your orientation tomorrow for the Arkham Knights Training." Slade and Katsuki discussed the topic briefly and what it'll consist of. "You're strong and gifted student, I know you'll do well. But..." Slade trailed off trying to put together his words, "this is a time to make allies, it's good to have people you can count on. Those that graduate with you will become your brothers. You don't need to be alone like I was." At the time of Slade's Arkham Knight graduation he was the sole candidate that passed the course leaving him with no brothers to call his own.

With Katsuki being an twin brother he had understanding of his Sensei words. He was never one to grasp sibling relationships that well nor learning to ask for help, with the Ego he had in his childhood he wasn't sure could count on someone to have his back when he needed it. Izumi was the exception but she is not now as they both use to be the king and queen of aldera high but after izuku she also left alone. Katsuki simply nodded at this Sensei showing he understood. A thought came to Katsuki's head, "hey Teach, I've got a question."

"And what's that Katsuki?" Slade answered. He was still posted on Katsuki's bed throughout the whole discussion.

"I've noticed that the majority of the field agents and operatives here at Arkham are males. Dr. Cho and some of the other women here don't seem like the soldier type and such." Katsuki stated as this was on mind for awhile.

Slade smiled at his student's intuitive nature working, "you're correct Katsuki. Here at Arkham our field agents and the Arkham Knights consists entirely of males. The female staff here are trained to a degree but they help us in our info channel and other sub areas. But don't let that fool you, they are still agents of Arkham so they can hold their own". This answered Katsuki's question and Slade followed up with another comment. "Arkham has many branches Katsuki. I'm sure you noticed with Taskmaster's outfit when she was here last time."

At his Sensei's comment Katsuki recollected that memory. He had got to meet her during her training time as slade has requested her to fight katsuki as Katsuki had fought with her as she had copied his movies and was going to defeat if katsuki hadn't use his quirk to give the winning blow. "Is she one of the branches under Arkham?" Katsuki asked.

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