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Universal power  (remake) by izumomolover25
Universal power (remake)by Izumomolover
After being treated like shit by his family Izuku has decided to become what no one thought of doing
Izuku Yagi: The next God of Thunder by kevondre14
Izuku Yagi: The next God of Thunderby kevondre14
Izuku Yagi was your typical everyday young man, he wanted to be a hero when he got older. But sadly one word can cause all those dreams to come crashing down..."I'm...
Izuku Yagi: the interdimensional traveler by mhaandn1nt3nd0fan
Izuku Yagi: the interdimensional Nintendo Mha fan
This an Izuku Yagi story where Izuku has Magolors powers
The adventures of Izuku  by izumomolover25
The adventures of Izuku by Izumomolover
After the doctor was paid to say he's quirkless Inko and Assmight decided to pay a family to get rid of him just to have their precious daughter during the middle of the...
Prince of an Empire by zain_withsparkles
Prince of an Empireby S'ha
Izuku Yagi, a boy without a quirk, was ignored by his family and his childhood friends bullied him inhumanly. One day he runs away from home where he finds a family who...
The rookie (mha x avengers)  by That_one_kid_2002
The rookie (mha x avengers) by That_one_kid_2002
Izuku yagi the son of the number one hero All Might and the number seven hero green X all was well until the young boy was diagnosed as quirkless from that day on his l...
The Heartbroken Angel by RatGenius_05
The Heartbroken Angelby I need Coffee
Izuku Yagi is the son of the number one and number 5 hero, namely All Might and Green Telek. Izuku also had a older twin sister named Izumi Yagi. The youngest had learn...
Izuku Dempsey  by izumomolover25
Izuku Dempsey by Izumomolover
Izuku was coming back and witnessed he got cheated on and was blamed for rape everyone in the school hated him except for 2 people
Izuku slade  by izumomolover25
Izuku slade by Izumomolover
After being diagnosed as quirkless or so he thought he was abandoned by his family at the age of 8 until someone special came and adopted him
The hellwalker by Somthingidk6
The hellwalkerby
This is my first story so bear with me, i will try to put some work into to make it seem good So it's a typical izuku yagi story, a boy that was once cheerful until it a...
Ink's Apprentice by anormalboi203
Ink's Apprenticeby Memelord
Class 1-A knew each other when they were kids, they bullied Izuku Yagi because he was Quirkless. They bully him at the age of 4 and kept bullying him for 6 years and he...
The Demon Guardian Angels by Jelliclegirl19
The Demon Guardian Angelsby
Izuku Buckzo fromerly know as Izuku Yagi did not have the best childhood growing up. Ever since he was diagnosed as quirkless his parents neglected him and his twin sist...
The emperetress and emperor of vampires by Charimort
The emperetress and emperor of Kamen rider Neo Decade
izuku as kamen rider dark kiva Jiro as kamen rider kivala
The Outlaw who became a Hero by 1DSRK234
The Outlaw who became a Heroby 1DSRK234
Izuku Yagi is the adopted son of Toshinori Yagi and the biological son of Inko Yagi (former name Midoriya). Hisashi reportedly died in an accident during a flight to Am...
Let the nightmares begin by EternalDemon019
Let the nightmares beginby Shadow
Izuku Yagi had always been different from everyone else. The fact he was Quirkless was just a slight change. He didn't care for the hero industry or any of the sorts. Bu...
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Sparda! by HammerKun
The Neglected Devil Hunter Izuku Hammer Kun
You would think being the son of the number 1 hero would be amazing right? wrong, my name is izuku midoriya and my life has been hell for over 14 years, I bet you're ask...
Izuku Yagi - The Dragon Slayer by Alduin243
Izuku Yagi - The Dragon Slayerby Alduin243
Izuku Yagi is a quirkless boy in a world that defines worth through power. He grows up realising the unfair fact that 'not all men are created equal'. He is the son of A...
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknight by AtharvaMishra0
The Fist of Vengenance: Moonknightby Atharva Mishra
I will not describe the story much you will understand by reading it.
The new sage of six paths by BigBoyAizen125
The new sage of six pathsby Plan-et
Izuku Yagi was a child left alone by the world for his quirklessness. Alone, beaten, hurt, neglected, abused, suicide bated, lonely and with nothing. There was nothing i...
Izuku 10 by BraSweets2007
Izuku 10by Xhanti Ndazal
Izuku was born quirkless he neglected by his parents and bullied by his sister,Iida,Uraraka, bakugo twins, tordoki twins and his ex Camie