Bakugo recovery and izuku life as moonknight

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Bakugo lies motionless on a hospital bed, his body covered in bandages. The room is filled with the soft hum of medical equipment, monitoring his vital signs. All might, his face partially obscured by the shadows of his mask, stands at Bakugo's bedside, concerned for his well-being.

All might


Bakugo, you've been through a lot. The Lazarus Pit's effects were intense. But you're strong, and I know you'll pull through.

All might gently places a hand on Bakugo's shoulder, offering silent support. He knows the road to recovery will be challenging, both physically and emotionally.

The sound of footsteps echoes through the corridor, drawing All might attention. A doctor, carrying a clipboard, enters the room with a concerned expression.

Recovery girl


All might, I understand your concern for Bakugo, but his condition remains critical. The Lazarus Pit's restorative effects are potent, but they come with risks.

All might


Recovery girl, I appreciate your expertise, but I won't give up on Bakugo. He's a hero with extraordinary potential, and he deserves a chance to recover and fulfill his dreams.

The recovery girl nods, not listening to hi idiot determination.

Recovery girl

(Voicing caution)

Remember, All might, patience and care are crucial during his recovery. The Lazarus Pit may have revived him, but it will take time for his body to heal completely.

All might


I understand. I'll do everything in my power to ensure Bakugo's recovery is a success.

All might turns his attention back to Bakugo, his grip on hope unwavering. He knows that the path ahead will be challenging, but he's determined to support Bakugo every step of the way.

All might


Bakugo, you've faced adversity before, and you've always come out stronger. I believe in you, and I know you'll wake up soon, ready to face the world once again.

All might takes a step back, allowing the medical team to continue their work. As he exits the room, he casts one last glance at Bakugo, his resolve unyielding as he feels his injury as he got into the flashback.

Flashback starts

Here we see bakugo laying motionless on the ground after moonknight left as we All heroes trying to wake up bakugo as he got up and All might said

All might


Young bakugo thank god you wake up Ahhhhh-

As before Ass might can complete his speech he was punched by bakugo in full speed in his injury area as he then started attacking everyone as Gran torino said

Gran torino


We have to stop these brat.

He then used his quirk and then kicked him in head unconscious.

As they suddenly saw a pendrive kept there as Nezu picked it up and said

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