CHAPTER 1: Quirkless and a Deku

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Musutafu, Japan, 2130, Yagi household

Here we see yagi household, the house of toshinori yagi and inko yagi also known as All might and green pschic we see two kids running who look like twins they are izuku yagi and izumi yagi. As they woke them up and said

"Mom dad wake up today is our appointment" They both said

At these both the parents smiled and inko got up and started making the breakfast for everyone and after this she said

"Izuku! Izumi breakfast is ready" she said

At these both of them came and got their breakfast and left for their appointment


Here we see both the yagi twins are waiting for their result when doctor came and said

"Ms yagi there is a good news and bad news which one do you want to hear first" the doctor asked inko

"The good one please doctor" she said at these the doctor said

"The good news is that izumi has a powerful version of your quirk and it can become more powerful if she train it well in the future" he said at these inko was happy when she asked

"So what is the bad news doctor" she asked at these doctor sighed and said

"Your son is quirkless" he said at these izuku dropped his all might figure and started crying as inko doesn't care as she was praising izumi for her quirk and she left without taking izuku as izuku got behind her and sit in the car as they were going home and at that time also they were praising izumi and not him as they got home and yagi asked

"SO what are their quirks" he asked

"Izumi has a powerful telekenesis quirk and izuku is quirkless" she said

But yagi doesn't care about that and started praising izumi as he was telling her that she will become the number one hero.

After these izuku got to his bedroom and crying in his bed whole night.


We see izuku wake up and see its morning 10 am and when he got down there inko has given everyone breakfast and left for izuku as after this he got ready and left for the school and here we see izumi with other lackeys and said

"Guys izuku is quirkless" she said

After this everyone started talking when katsuki said

"Why don't we bully him with our quirks" he asked

"What are you talking kacchan I can't do this" she said

"Oh come on izumi if we scare him enough with our quirk he will never wish to become a hero in first place" he said

At these everyone and when they got to izuku they asked

"Izuku do you wish to become a hero" she asked

"Yes sis more than any-" he was saying when he got attacked by an exploision and then everyone beating him and left him like that as izuku crying with pain.


As we izuku here sitting in his class with no emotion

As we izuku here sitting in his class with no emotion

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