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Musutafu, Japan, 2144, Musutafu police station

Sitting in the interrogation room of Musutafu police station was mark specter also known as izuku yagi. Izuku was 14 years old and has white hair which were orginally green but he changed it with a noticeable scar which had almost blinded him but thanks to a eye transplant which is of red colour so he changed that the other eye colour by a person quirk. He is wearing a three piece black suit which also make him look like a villian that we all know.

Noticeable though, the fifteen year old boy has many scars on both of his arms and legs and preferable his entire body from burn marks, frostbite and patches of dark purple on his skin.

But the most disturbing thing is not how many scars the boy has on his entire body, but his wicked smile that is plastered on his face right now. The smile that he is wearing right now is enough to send shivers to anyone that sees it. And he's smiling while looking through the window in the interrogation room.

On the other side of room stood Toshinori yagi, Enji todoroki, Rei todoroki, Naomasa Tsukauchi, Shota aizawa, Sorahiko Torino, Chiyo shuzenji, and principal Nezu, and they all had many reactions. Toshinori and Inko were crying at the sight of their son sitting in the room. Enji and rei had shocked faces and stood quietly ever since they came to the station. Naomasa and Aizawa faces were pale as a sheet and their bodies were shaking like a leaf. Nezu was quiet and had a pensieve face, but on the inside he was racking his brain trying to figure out an explanation and finally sorahiko and chiyo almost have a heart and look at the yagi family with an angry look.

This can't be real. Naomasa, tell your men to run the test again. THIS HAS TO BE SOME SORT OF TRICK" Aizawa yelled at his boss and detective.

"How" Inko sobbed as she was higged by her husband.

"TOSHINORI, YOU HAD SOME FUCKING EXPLAINING TO DO" as the old man known as gran torino yelling at the symbol of peace.

All of them have shocking faces, as if they just saw a ghost.


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