Ch 6 Sickening finds

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Victor POV

After we had all met Sang, none of us could believe what had happened to that poor girl. She should be treated like a princess. I don't know what's happened in her life but I have a horrible feeling about it.

Mr Blackbourne wants Luke, Silas, Kota and myself to go over to her house and set up some cameras. He wants to keep her safe, we all do.

I had to race home and pick up my laptop, cameras and mic's.

Right now we are waiting on Silas and Luke to finish checking the house to see if anyone's home.

"All clear." Luke says after jogging over to us. After he picks the lock and we step indoors. Using small pen lights we see the front hall has barren white walls and a dull grey carpet on the floor. Walking further in we come across the family room, which has one lazy boy chair that's about 5 years old and a 42 inch flat screen TV. A small coffee table next to the chair and a very basic book shelf on one wall, which seems to hold DVDs. Again the walls are white and it seems the grey carpet runs through the whole house. Next we kind the kitchen/dining room, a small round table again with only one chair. What's going on here? The tiles are an off white, setting off more white walls and the white cupboards in the kitchen. Everything is spotless. If I didn't know any better I would think no one lives here.

"Someone has locked the fridge." Kota says into the silence. "Silas check the pantry." I watch him open the door and say something in Greek. I'm guessing he swore by how stiff his body is. "Cups of noddles, a can of soup and rice. Where's all the food?" Luke moves around him and picks up each item. "How? They're all out of date. It takes forever for some of these to normally. No wonder she's so small. If she eats things like this she would be throwing up most of the time." All of us shake our heads. This is creating so many more questions with each room we move to.

I spot something on the floor by the back of the dining table. "Luke, Silas. Did either of you see any evidence of a dog when you scouted the house?" I ask hoping they did. I don't like where my thoughts are taking me.

"No dog. No animals at all, why?" Luke asks. I point to the dog bowls by the table.
"I'm getting a bad feeling about this." Silas comments.

The next room we find must be her uncles. It has a queen sized bed pushed up against the back wall, a dresser by the window and a TV mounted on the opposite wall to the bed. The ensuite is very basic with just a shower and toilet. Kota checks his wardrobe and tells us it's mostly suits and a few comfortable home clothes. He did however find 2 pairs of leather pants.

The next room is locked so we leave that till last and make our way upstairs. There's 3 doors up here, the first one we come across looks to be a store room, with boxes everywhere. The next across the hall is a full bathroom, again very basic with a shower/bath combo and toilet. The last room up stairs is horrible. And I hate to say I think this is Sang's room. An old army box is under the window and what looks to have once been a mattress is on the floor. The bed has been made neatly but you can still see it sagging in the middle where the springs have given out.

Kota is looking around and comes back and tells us she only has 3 tops, 2 skirts and 1 pair of shorts.
Making our way back down after we have set up cameras in each of the rooms and hall up stairs. We start to set up more in every room down here as well.

We come back to the locked door and I notice that not only is the handle locked but it has a dead lock as well. How did I miss that?
I have a sick and horrible feeling of what's behind this door. And I have to ask myself, do I really want to know?

Too late now. Luke has just pushed open the door. The room is in complete darkness and with a quick sweep on the pen light shows no windows. Kota turns on the light and we all freeze. At first I don't comprehend what I'm seeing with my own two eyes. Luke has pushed past us all and I can hear him throwing up in the kitchen.

Taking another look I can see why. There are chains bolted into the concrete floor, shackles along one wall for both hands and feet. What looks to be a bed with black leather covering, and all sorts of whips, paddles and other things I have no name for line the walls.

I see a dog collar and lead lying on the floor by the end of the bed. The name printed on the large wide black leather collar stops my heart 'SANG'. I see another 2 dog bowls next to the collar and dried blood on the floor. The centre of the room has more dried blood stains that look to have been tried to be cleaned up. There's puppy pee pads in the far corner of the room.
Oh god! She was locked up in here. I try to blank my mind as much as possible and set up 2 cameras and mic's.

I can't stop shaking as we leave the house and I don't know weather it's in fear or anger over what we have just discovered.

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