Ch 26 new beginings

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Sorry for the wait be here we go. I will try to update more frequently with this story and my others. Happy reading. 😄 oh yeah *WARNING* language and other things 😜

Luke POV

Last night it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off our shoulders. When we got the all clear that the creep had been taken away, my feet couldn't move fast enough to get to Kota's house.
As we discussed each of our parts Mr. B and Doc were down at the police station making sure the scum bag was locked up and everything was taken care of so he could be prosecuted to the full extent.

So here I sit now at 5:55am with my secret candy stash. Munching away waiting for the perfect time to go and wake Mr. Grumpy and Sang. I have to admit I'm jealous of his relationship with her. I know he and Silas are both with her, I wonder if they wouldn't mind me joining as well. The biggest question is, does she like me more then a friend, even with those two giants, I hope so, God I hope so. I have got to stop thinking about her like that, my never ending gob stopper is throbbing and trying to break free.

Throwing on some looser pants and not worrying about a shirt I make my way out of the house and towards Norths trailer. Swinging my keys from my finger I cross the gravel drive and walk up the two steps to the door. Unlocking it making sure I make some sound as not to startle them. Once the door is closed I walk down the short hall that leads to my little brothers room. Pushing open his door I yell out, "wakey, wakey, hands off snakey." What I didn't expect to see was sweet Sang laying on top of my brother in only his shirt, which had risen up allowing me to have the most perfect view of her ass. Well it would of been perfect if one of Norths hands weren't resting on it.

"What the fuck Luke!" North yells, quickly turning over so Sang is now beneath him and shielding her with his body.
"Whoops, sorry baby bro. I did make noise coming in. I have good news." I skip over and plop down on the end of the bed. "Good morning cupcake. How was your day, yesterday?" I smile my cheese eating grin at her. I don't think I'll ever get the image of her ass out of my head now.
Through a deep blush Sang pokes her head out from behind Norths large body. "It was good Luke. North helped me relax." Hearing North chuckle, I turn towards him and catch the wink he sends towards Sang. What did these two naughty birdies get up to?
Once North covers them up with a blanket, I fill them in on what went down while they were "relaxing".

"So he's gone, really gone?" Sang looks so hopeful. "Yes, the arrested him last night and Mr. B and Doc have made sure he won't get parole. With all the evidence found he won't be getting out from behind bars for a very, very long time."
"I'm free, really truly free."she breaks down in to heaving sobs against Norths chest.

The next few weeks flew by. Sang has now become an unofficial Taylor well to the people who meet us that is now her surname. North keeps saying she might as well keep it since he will be putting a ring on her finger as soon as she's 18. And I have to agree it's two against one and all that since it's not only Silas and my little brother who can now call her their girlfriend. A lot has happened since that 'thing' got put away. Now myself, Gabe, and Kota call her our girlfriend as well. God her lips taste better then any candy I have ever eaten. When North and Kota sat down and had a talk with Sang about how she feels about all of us, we found out that she is either in love or growing to love each and every one of us. I couldn't of been happier. I get my cupcake and I get to eat her, I mean it too.

It is the Friday before a long weekend and uncle has told us not to plan anything. So Sang, myself, North and Silas have managed to keep the whole three days free. It helps that now Sang knows and understands about the Academy. No longer having to hide things feels so good.

North POV

"Does anyone know what uncle wants us for this weekend?" He told me it was important, but that could mean a whole truck load of things.
"Nope. All he said was keep it clear. He was mumbling something about Christmas, but that's still awhile away." What the fuck does Luke mean Christmas? Okay now I'm really confused.

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