Ch 9 Story time

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Sang POV

"Well, I guess I should start from the beginning." I took a deep breath readying myself for the thoughts of my family.

"I was born on my parents cattle station. A home birth, we were lucky that a trainee vet was working for us at the time. I came 4 weeks early and my parents had no way to make it to a hospital. From what they told me, I was healthy and grew very fast. I loved it out there. It was only us and 6 station hands. Mum, Dad and I lived in the main house. It wasn't huge, only 3 bedrooms. But was very open and had windows everywhere. Large wrap around verandah's and a small herb garden near the back door. Dad had converted shipping containers into, I guess you could call them small flats. Each one held 1 bedroom and a small lounge room. Meal times was always a group thing. We would either sit on the back verandah or if it was a cool clear night around the fire pit.

Mum was the best cook. She would always find new ways to cook the same boring meal so none of us would get tired of the same thing. We grew all our own vegetables and some fruit. Meat, well we always had a fresh supply of beef, but for anything else we had to stock up and freezer. Eggs were another thing we ate a lot of since it was my job from the age of 5 to look after the chickens. I was so proud when I was given the job.

My dad never let me help with the cattle since he said it could be dangerous and sometimes they had to be out for days sleeping in swags to find all the cattle. That all changed when I was 7. Dad brought a helicopter. God I was so excited. I thought finally I can go and help. But again no. I did get a few joy rides but that was it.

I remember the first time I went into town with mum for the monthly food trip. I was 8 and I had never left the station. The only contact I ever had with kids my own age was over the radio. I did school of the air. Which was basically me sitting in a room with a larger version of a truckers radio, talking to a tudor. I think there was about 11 of us in my class. We were from all over outback Queensland. To this day I have never meet one of them face to face."

"Sorry, lost track there. The first shopping trip with mum, was the first time I ever saw another kid. We had pulled into a fuel station and I decided to wait in the car. I watched as another car pulled up and a large family got out. They had 4 kids. An older boy and girl who looked to be around 14-15 and another boy and girl around my age. I was about to get out and talk to them. They seemed so interesting. I had always been a little to curious for my own good. Just as I started making my way over to them my mum came back. She made me get into the car. I don't remember what she said about them, all I can remember is her saying is, 'never talk to strangers'. That really stuck with me and I never spoke to anyone when we went to town. Even as I got older I tended to hide behind mum when ever we were away from the station."

"I remember my 13th birthday. It's the last happy memory I have with mum and dad. We had a small party and mum made me the biggest chocolate devil cake I had ever seen. Dad wasn't happy saying I would rot my teeth." I can't help but giggle at that memory.

"They brought me a new saddle for red eye. He was my horse. I loved him so much. I would spend everyday with him. Dad had marked out trails I could use so I would never go to far from home.
If I wasn't riding him I was on my dirt bike."

"You know how to ride a motorbike?" North asked with many different emotions running over his face.

"Well yeah. Dad brought me my first pee wee when I was 5. I didn't even learn to ride horses until I was 7."

"That's hot!" Luke butted in before anyone else could speak. I couldn't help but blush at that.

"That birthday dad also brought me my first car. It was a 1984 Toyota corolla. It was lucky to even run but as dad said the perfect car to learn in. It didn't matter if I dented it because it looked like a piece of...... Um poop. It was a horrible brown colour. So yeah it was poop on wheels." I heard chuckles coming from almost everyone in the room.

"A week later dad told me that him and mum had to go to a cattle auction near the coast. It was almost a day's drive away. I always stayed home when they went on long trips. I was fine because a few of the station hands were always around. Plus someone had to cook for them.

It was four days after they left that we got the call. Their car had rolled over on their trip there. Jim was the one who had to break the news to me. I was so scared I didn't know what was going to happen with me. Cops came and left and I was told to stay in my room the whole time they were there. To this day I wish I could of talked to them. I so badly wanted to know how it happened.

About a week later a man named Geoff Conway turned up. He told Jim he was my uncle and was contacted by the police, as my last living relative he now had custody of me. During the next 2 days he told me how he was my mums half brother and they had lost contact a few years after she moved to Australia to live with my dad. He told me he lived in America and he would take me home with him.

I didn't want to leave but I was told I had no choice. So packing everything I could into two suit cases I left with him. I remember leaving and some of the drive but I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know I'm in a different car and told that we were driving to his house. I guess I must have been really tied because I don't remember any of the flight, let alone boarding a plane." I try to calm myself down the next part is hard to tell.

"The first few months were hard. I had never been around a lot of people so I spent a lot of my time in the house. When uncle enrolled me in school I was so scared. That first day was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. Either I was ignored or they wanted to ask me a million questions about where I was from. A couple of weeks later people realised I didn't fit in so I was either teased or ignored. I spent all my time outside of class in the library. At home I never went out. I just kept to myself.

It was about 6 months into living with uncle that things started to change. He had never payed me much attention but one night after I cooked dinner he told me that what I was doing wouldn't work. I didn't understand. He told me I had been a bad girl and I needed to be taught a lesson. He..... He bent me over his lap and smacked me. I had been smacked before by mum and dad but this just felt different. Over the next few weeks it slowly changed. He would pull down my pants to smack me or made me kneel on the kitchen tiles. I never knew what I did wrong but he called them my lessons. Said he was teaching me to be a lady."

I didn't realise I had started to cry until North brought me closer to his chest and started whispering to me that I was safe and he would never let anyone hurt me again. I felt my feet being lifted up and placed in a lap. I watched as Kota started rubbing small circles over the top of my feet. I felt safe. I needed to finish.

"He built a room in the attic of our old house that he kept me in when we had our lessons. Sometimes it was only an afternoon, other times it lasted an entire weekend.
He always drank but it seemed to get worse the older I got. If he saw a male look at me was bad. By the time I was 14 I was no longer allowed to sit at the table. He called me a.....a bitch. And bitches eat on the floor where they belong." I could feel Norths hands tighten around me and I must have let out a noise because he started apologising for hurting me. I just picked up one of his hands and held it in mine.

"I don't remember when he started whipping me or when the writing started all I remember is his face and words. He always looks so happy in THE room. He always strips me down but never takes off my panties. Even when he rewards me my panties are left on."

"What do you mean by rewards Sang?" Dr Sean asks me. The look on his face tells me he doesn't want to know but he asked the question. They asked me to trust them. I have chosen too. So I will tell him.

"He touches me....... Down..... There. I don't like it. It feels wrong. But he tells me it's for being a good girl and I should be happy. He..... He tells me to make noises. That they make him happy while he's making me happy. But I'm not happy. He doesn't let me clean up afterwards. I always feel like I have peed myself. And if I haven't that's when he writes the words into my legs."

I can't say anymore. I curl up into Norths chest and cry. What have I done to deserve this?

I can hear them shouting and yelling but not the words. I feel numb. North still hasn't let me go but my feet are no longer in Kota's lap.

"Miss Sorenson, I would like to do a background cheek on your uncle. Are you okay with this? You will not be going back to I can promise you this." I just nod my head at Mr Blackbourne. He's helping me, they are all helping me. I start to drift off to sleep again in the safety of Norths arms.

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