Ch 24 inbetween two mountains

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Sang POV

I am so glad to be home away from the hospital, but not looking forward to today. It's Monday and that means back to school. This weekend has been crazy magical. When I was brought home Friday afternoon neither North or Silas would let me lift a finger.

After a mouth watering dinner cooked by both of them we cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie. I don't know when I fell asleep but I was woken by their voices. It was so peaceful and I felt so safe being with them. I know it's not nice to listen to other people's conversations, but I heard my name so I couldn't help it. Plus my head was on my North stars lap and my feet were resting on Silas.

"So it doesn't bother you? I mean I can't help how I feel, but your my brother and I never want to hurt you." I heard Silas say.

"It did at first, when I watched you kiss her. I know my baby was crying and you did what you did to comfort her. But when she looked up at you and smiled that all faded away. I love her man and I know she's so very special. I would do and give her anything. I have a strong feeling she feels the same way about you. Her heart is so big. I could never make her choose. I wouldn't want you to either." Wow North knows I feel something for Silas? I can have them both? I have a feeling that this is not normal, but I have never been normal. I don't want normal. I want what make me and my boys happy. And if that's me I will give myself to both of them or what ever they want. I just want to see them smile.

"Same here brother. I just hope her can love both of us."

"I do love you both." I couldn't keep quiet any longer. They are both so sweet. I didn't know it was love I was feeling, but just putting that word to the feeling exploding inside of me just feels right. Like everything is clicking into place.

North POV

Did she just say? Did she hear us? "Baby? What did you just say?" I need to hear it again I need to know she really said it. I look to Si and he looks about as speechless as me.

"I love you both. I would never want to hurt either of you. If this is what you both want then I'm okay with it."

My baby wants both of us. I won't loose my best friend or my girlfriend. "Oh god baby I love you so much." I lean down and kiss her soft sweet lips.

When I move back I watch as her and Silas's eyes connect, her hand cupping his cheek. " is this okay with you? Is this what you want?" She asks him.

"Aggele I love you and it would make me the happiest man in the world to be able to call you mine. And if that includes my brother here well, to have the two people I care and love most in this world joined to me. I have no words to express how happy I am. Can you handle having me and a boyfriend too?"

"I would like nothing more." I watch as they slowly kiss expecting to feel some kind of rage, but I don't. I just feel content and happy.

Baby slowly sits up a bit higher and leans against my chest. And sighs with a big smile on her face.

"My boys. Can we please go to bed? I just want to feel you both holding me." Baby lets out the cutest little yawn. I chuckle and scoop her up into my arms and walk towards our bed. Just as I make it to the door I turn and look at Si.

"You coming brother? Our girl needs us tonight."

Sang POV

Each morning since that Friday night where we confessed our feelings I have woken up being wrapped in two strong pairs of arms. Kisses on my neck and shoulders and the feeling of their large bodies protecting me on both sides. They are both so big and I love that. I have never felt to safe, loved and protected in my life.

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