Ch 20 Starting school

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Hey hello thank you to a few lovely ladies you know who you are. Your ideas were a big help. Hope this is enough to keep you going for a few more days. This is not edited sorry for any mistakes.

North POV

Normally on a Monday morning that involves school you would think I would be more grumpy then normal. But no, not this morning. This morning may be the first day of school but it's also the day I get to tell who ever asks at said school that Sang baby is my girlfriend. Yeah I'm the lucky fucker that gets to claim that right. I'm just hoping it will be something I can say in truth very soon.

Sang POV

Being awoken by an odd tickling feeling across my forehead, I try to bury my head in the pillow but hear a quiet chuckle.
Slowly opening my eyes I can see someone is leaning over our bed. Taking a deep breath I can smell a hint of vanilla, knowing its Luke I don't worry to much.

I watch and see his arm moving towards my head again with something long in it. Giggling I quickly roll so my face is pressing into Norths chest to hide away. The next thing I hear is a thump. Looking over to where Luke was I see him now on the ground with a pillow next to him. How did a pillow knock him over?

"Morning baby." North says his voice all gravely with sleep.

"Good morning cupcake." Luke yells from the floor.

"Morning North Star, morning Luke. What time is it?"

"Just after 6am. I came to get you both up for breakfast. come on, early bird catches the worm and all that. I'll see you in the house." With that he jumps up and runs out the door and back to the house.

"Was that a feather in his hand?" North asks me.

"I think so. I felt something tickling my face. It's what woke me up."

"Hmmm, come here we have a few more minutes." I'm pulled into his rock hard naked chest as he rolls so I'm laying on top of him. I start giggling as he nibbles along my shoulders and up my neck. Kissing me deeply I loose all sense of time. Needing to breathe I pull away and rest my head on his chest trying to catch my breath and clear my fuzzy brain.

"Why do you keep doing that?" I ask North once I can think straight again.

"Doing what baby?" He sits up resting his back against the he'd board, moving me so I'm sitting on his lap side ways. Looking down at my hands I really don't know how I thought I was going to be brave enough to talk to him about this.

"Come on baby you can ask me anything." North says cupping my cheek turning my face up to look at him.

"Why do you keep kissing me? I know around your uncle and now school I'm to tell people I'm your girlfriend but even when we're by ourselves you now kiss me and.....and I don't know what that means."

"Baby do you like it when we kiss?"

"Yes, I get all tingly. It feels like I have butterfly's in my stomach."

"Butterfly's hey." Norths smile is so big it looks like it could hurt. "Baby I kiss you because I like kissing you and your not the only one who feels tingly. Is not knowing where we stand confusing you."

"I just want to know when it's just you and me what are we. Friends, roommates, family, what?"

"Well I'm hoping all of that and more. I was going to wait longer but I've never been good at waiting. Baby did you want to be my girlfriend?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean really and officially do you want to be my girlfriend. Having me as only yours."

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