Ch 15 Friday part 1

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Sang POV

Friday, the day I have been dreading all this week. Sir comes back today. I don't know what's going to happen. Is he going to be glad I'm gone or will he try and find me. I've been in the shower to long and I can hear knocking on the door. Turning the taps off I realise the sound is not coming from the bathroom door but the main door of the trailer.

"West you podonok (fucker) open up." The banging continues. Who is it? Are they here to take me away? I hear more voices but none I recognise and what they say is muffled by the trailers walls.

The knocking finally stops, so I race into the bedroom wrapped in my towel. Just as I'm about to open the draws to get clothes out people are banging on both the bedroom windows. Their yelling something but I don't hear. I'm so scared they are going to take me back to sir. He has sent people after me. I crawl under the bed and make myself as small as possible to hide from them.

Then the banging stops, I hear a lot of load voices yelling, a lot of people moving. A door is thrown open somewhere and I can hear it bounce off a wall. Someone's yelling inside now. Please don't find me, please don't find me.

Nathan POV

Kota, Silas and myself decided to head over to North and Luke's early this morning for breakfast. Yesterday Luke was saying something about doing a big breakfast buffet. If Luke is cooking I won't miss it, if it wasn't for my workouts I would be fat from all the good food him and North can cook.

We're all sitting around the kitchen table talking to Luke as he cooks giving North shit about there being no fruit in the house. Silas and myself hid it all before North came in. We couldn't resist, knowing he would be pissed off not being able to give peanut something healthy with her breakfast.

We finally gave in and brought it all back out to him. All he did was grumble and grunt as he was slicing it all up.

Kota tells us he's going to check on Sang and see if she's ready yet. As soon as he opens the front door we hear the noise. A loud banging sound against metal. All of us jump up and rush for the back door since it's closer to Norths trailer. There we see Raven, Axel and Kayli next to the bedroom windows of the trailer, with Raven banging his fist against one of the windows.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" North yells, charging straight for Raven. He stops banging and turns with a cheeky smile. His smile drops as soon as he sees North barreling towards him with a look that could kill you at fifty feet. He tackles him to the ground and holds him down, pinning his arms beside his head.

Brandon comes around from the back of the trailer with a look of shock and disbelief on his face, not knowing what's happening. Kayli is yelling at North to get off Raven and Axel is trying to bring order to everyone.

"Someone check on baby." North yells while holding down a now struggling Raven.

With those words Axel's whole team go silent while I run into the trailer to see if peanut is okay. The lounge room is empty I'm yelling out for her but getting no answer. The bathroom door is wide open so I make my way to the bedroom. The door is closed and I hope she is in here. The room looks empty she's not on the bed by the draws or wardrobe. I'm about to leave to go check the lounge again when I hear the smallest sound. My eyes sweep the room once again, this time I crouch down. That's when I see her. She's curled herself into a ball under the bed.

"Peanut it's Nathan your safe it's okay to come out now." She somehow makes herself even smaller and I can see her whole body shaking. I hear someone walk into the room behind me.

"Did you find her?" Kota asks.

"She's under the bed. But to scared I don't think she's knows it's me." I answer. I hear him walk back out of the room doing God knows what. I shift back to sit on my heals of my feet and wait to see if she calms down a bit.

Heavy foot steps behind me alert me to North coming towards the bedroom. He's down on his knees then laying on his stomach. Army crawling his upper half under the bed.

I hear him softly talking then a small sound. He backs up from under the bed and stands.

"Nate if I help you lift the bed can you hold it while I pick baby up." His face is as blank as Mr B's he must be trying to hide a lot right now. I nod and make my way to the end of the bed. We both lift and I give him the go ahead that I've got it. North quickly moves and picks up a shaking Sang off the floor. I didn't even notice before but all she has on is a small pink towel. Pink? I don't know why it matters so much at this moment but I never thought I would see something pink in Norths place.

I walk out into the main room and see him sitting on the sofa, Sang curled up in his lap just like a baby. I guess he got that nick name right for her. I watch him pull a blanket off the back of the sofa and wrap her tightly in it. His arms wrapped around her small body rocking from side to side. Again he's talking softly and quietly soothing her. Fuck who would of thought North was capable of that.

Luke POV

I'm going to kill them. What the fuck were they thinking. Poor cupcake. Only Nate and North had seen her after the incident. North still hasn't returned, and I don't see him returning unless he has cupcake with him.

Our whole team is now present except of course North. Axel, Raven, Brandon and Kayli are sitting on the lounge like kids sent to the principals office.

Our team all stand against the opposite wall with our arms crossed and pissed off looks on our faces. Mr B paces back and forth in front of them never once saying a word. It doesn't even take 15 minutes until Kayli cracks.

"Okay why is everyone freaking? So what we were banging on Norths door. No one answered. We thought he was still asleep. So we went to give him a rude wake up call. Why were you all panicking like we just dropped a bomb on you. And where the hell is North. He should be here to apologise to Raven for tackling him to the ground for no reason."

With that Mr B turns and a focuses right on Kayli.

"I will let you all in on something, if I find out any of you say a word to anyone outside either of our families you will not like the consequences."

Axel looks at his team and nods, all at once we hear "I am willing and I will obey."

Mr B sits on the coffee table in front of them, looking them all in the eye before he starts talking.

"On Tuesday Mr Lee and Mr Griffin came across a 16 year old girl in the woods behind their houses. Mr Lee do you wish to continue." With that Kota steps forward.

"Nathan and myself found her hiding up in a tree. At the time I thought she was around 11 or 12 years of age. Finally she started talking to us and we found out that she isn't American, she's from Australia. Orphaned at the age of 13 and sent to live with a so called uncle." At that moment Nate steps forward.

"We convinced her to come back to my house to talk. When I was helping her across the wooden plank bridge behind my house I placed a hand on her lower back. She screamed and passed out. Bringing her inside I discovered severe lacerations on her back. After that Dr Green arrived and treated her." With that both Kota and Nate stepped back in line.

Doc stepped forward and continued.
"I will not go into details not only because of doctor patient confidentiality but it is not something I like to remember. In all my years as a doctor I have never seen the damage I did that day on a human being. For her to have survived what she has, she is very strong willed yet also very fragile. What you did today has scared her already fragile mind and brought her into an almost comatose state. we are lucky she has such a deep bond with North, for he may be the only person to bring her back." Doc finishes barely holding back his anger.

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