Chapter 30

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Boom, boom, boom, boom. What is that? I jump and scramble on to the closest person. The walls and floor are shaking. I can hear the guys yelling and screaming over the noise. Is that music? My foggy brain starts to wake up, as much as it can with the pounding sound coming from the hidden speakers around the room. The person I'm clinging to starts shouting in another language. I lean back and look up into Ravens face. At this moment I realise my legs are wrapped around his waist in a very comprising position. I try to scramble off him and he holds me closer. "Stay little bird" I wiggle trying to see what's going on around us and he holds me closer. Oh my, um, I don't think I should of moved. Only now noticing he's naked beneath me, and um, hard. It feels so different to my boys. What am I thinking. I can feel my blush creeping all over my body at this point.

The music is switched off and we all look around to see who is responsible. Owen and Axel are sitting at our meeting table, both smirking. Owen raises his hand which looks to be holding a remote. "Good morning." Owens eyes scan over the room looking at each of us. When they land on me the molten silver turns to an icy storm. "Mr. Ravenstahl, if you would be so kind as to remove your arms from around Miss. Sorenson." "Okay, I need clothes."
"What the fuck! Get your dirty mother fucking paws off Sang baby." Oh, no. North looks ready to explode. North storms over and pulls me off Raven. He wasn't quick enough as when he lifted me up I could see everything. Raven quickly pulled a sheet over his lap and smiled up at us. "West, you worry too much. Little bird was keeping all you boys from becoming jealous." I couldn't get the picture out of my head. He was hard and it looked like it had bits of metal through it. Before I could stop myself and before anyone could say anything else I asked, "was that metal holding it up? Doesn't it hurt?" Meanie, Luke and Sean burst into laughter. Axel and Marc were spluttering the coffee they just took a mouth full of. I covered my mouth with my hand and felt my blush spread from my face and down my body. "My petukh needs no help, little bird." He winks at me and starts to remove the sheet. "Take look yourself?" The boys start yelling and I'm whisked out of the room faster then I can blink.

By lunch time we're all more awake and the boys are almost over the shock of Owen playing a prank on them. Someone, not naming names, cough.... Sean..... Cough, sent a video of the O-Man to Dr. Roberts. As anyone could guess, it didn't go down well. North wanted me to take either a bath or shower, hot enough to melt my skin off since I came that close to Ravens, um, friend. I won't repeat what he said. It was decided that we should all head out to our soon to be home to have a good look over everything. The Toma team will be following us, since at some point last night they all volunteered to help out in any way they can with the rebuild.

After picking up five hot chickens, bread rolls and a few salads, it was decided that we would all have a picnic lunch in the field while talking over the future plans of the property.

"The land looks good. You can do a lot out here." Marc comments. "It's a lot of work, but it will be worth it when it's all done." We nod and voice our agreement to what Kota has said.
During lunch Nathan brings up camping out here next weekend. It will give us more time to go over everything and decide where we are going to start. That sparks North off asking where we will cook. He doesn't want to be eating cold cuts all weekend. In the end the boys end up on Victors laptop searching for ideas. Someone points out that we should make a fire pit and it all snowballs from there. Luke, North, Silas, Raven and Marc all start nodding at something. Saying they should be able to put it all together by next weekend. When I tried to see what they were going to do the laptop was slapped shut. Silas pull's me onto his lap and tells me it will be a surprise.

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