Ch 14 School drama

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North POV

I wake up to the most beautiful sight. Sang fast asleep with her head on my chest, and hugging my waist. My left arm wrapped around her tiny body, holding her close to me. I've never felt the need to wake up to another person. Yeah I'm no virgin but the 2 girls I had been with were both what I would call smash and dash. I never wanted to spend the night or have them in or around my home. Sang is the first girl I have ever let into my trailer and my bed, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Before I had even said a word to her I knew in my gut this girl was different. That I would do anything to protect her. The fact that she feels so safe around me makes me feel like a bit of a caveman. I want to pound on my chest and scare all the other fuckers away from hurting my girl. My girl? Yeah, I like the sound of that. The fact that Mr B picked me to be her boyfriend in school makes me want to smirk at all the other fuckers out there. But I don't think I'm the only one she has this affect on. I saw the looks on Kota and Silas' faces. They are just as protective of her too. For some reason that doesn't seem to bother me. I know my brothers will protect her when I'm not around, gives me a sense of peace.

I hear the cutest little yawn, almost like a kitten come from Sang as she slowly wakes. I kiss the top of her head and say, "good morning baby."

"Good morning North." She moves her head back and when she looks at me she has the sweetest smile on her face.

"How did you sleep?" I need to know that she was comfortable enough. If not I will go and buy a new mattress.

"It was the best sleep I've had in a long time. Thank you again for everything." She moves up and softly kisses me cheek. Dam the most innocent thing and she makes me feel like I can fly. I must look like an idiot with a huge grin on my face.

"Your more then welcome baby. Come on we better get up and get ready. We'll be leaving in just over an hour for Ashley Waters."

Dressed and full from breakfast Luke, Sang and myself make our way over to my jeep. Luke is about to jump in the front seat until I give him a look that tells him he better be getting into the back. He pretends that he was only opening the door for baby. Sly fucker.

On the drive I can see Sang baby is starting to get nervous. She keeps twisting her hands in her lap, eyes darting from the front window to the side. I take one of her small hands in mine and give it a gentle squeeze. "Sang baby everything will be fine. None of us will leave you alone today. Just keep close and we will try and be out as soon as possible."

Sang lets out a breath and turns to smile at me. Oh what I wouldn't do to keep that smile on her face.

"Okay." She then turns in her seat and starts talking to Luke about cooking. They seem to be planing dinner tonight. The rest of the ride I never let go of her hand unless it's to change gears. I could really get used to this.

We pull up at the school and it's just after 9am. I see both Kota and Vic's cars already parked at the far end of the parking lot. The lot is already filling up fast and I'm glad we didn't leave it till later to come.

We jump out of the car for Sang to be greeted by my brothers. Each giving her a hug hello. Gabe holds her at arms length after a hug and seems to be inspecting what she's wearing. "Fuck I'm good. Trouble you look hot." Sang lets out a small giggle and I can see a blush spreading across her cheeks.

I wrap my arm around her and we all start to make our way inside. The amount of people here is crazy. No wonder they have a problem. The school is no where big enough to hold this many students. Pushing our way through the crowded halls we finally make it to the gym where the sign up tables are. The lines are ridiculously long and I feel we won't be getting out of here until close to lunch, if not later.

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